July 31, 2006

Marching band can seriously wear you out. I am exuasted, and it is only 1 o'clock. That means five straight hours of band, 7-12. Oy Vey. Anyway, here I am being all tired and I think I will post some song lyrics. (I cant belive I have to got to soccer tonight. F.Y.I. Marching Band+soccer= not fun tomarrow morning)

So whatcha doin' tonight?
Have you heard that the world's gone crazy?
Young Americans listen when I say there's people puttin' us down
I know they're sayin' that we've gone lazy
To tell you the truth we've all seen better days
Don't need no fast buck lame duck profits for fun
Quick trick plans, take the money and run
We need long term, slow burn, getting it done
And some straight talking, hard working son of a gun.
Whatcha doin' tonight, I got faith in our generation
Let's stick together and futurize our attitudes
I ain't lookin' to fight, but I know with determination
We can challenge the schemers who cheat all the rules

-Rockin' the paradise (a song we play in marching band flol)

and for the lawyers..............

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July 25, 2006

Sutter H sez our kitchen is SUCH a mess right now. The table is sideways, there is stuff all over the floor, and I am crammed in at the computer with a piano right next to me. And the lame thing is, we are not even doing anything to our kitchen. It's the carpet in the dining room that drove mom crazy beacuse of its putrid cat pee stench. So we tore it out, and with it came the piano and the dining table, which is now placed conveniently blocking our front door. So that is pretty useless. And what we found under that carpet was a wood floor. But not just any wood floor, it was plywood. More specifically, unfinished plywood. More specifically, there is (was) a square in the center that was unfinished and unsealed. For those of you who did not completely comprehend that, the sides are shiny; the center is dull. And we can't find the proper shade of sealant, so there is now a rather large dark box in the middle of our floor. Jolly good I'll say. So anyway, the weather here is hot, muggy, damp, dry, rainy, sunny, and thunderstorming. No,not alternataly. All at the same time. I have been pulling mint for like an hour, so now I smell minty fresh and very sweaty. Not fun.


July 23, 2006

Last night I had a dream.
I found myself in a desert
Called Siberland.
It was hot.
My canteen had sprung a leak,
And I was thirsty.
Out of the abyss walked a cow.
I asked if she had anything to drink,
She said:

I am forbiden to produce milk
in Siberland we only drink
Diet Coke

She said:
Only thing to to is jump over the moon.....
Mmmkay, so now that my trip is done ant the pictures are in, we will return to our regularly schedueled program of random crazieness. Thank you.

July 19, 2006

(not the only castle I saw......not by a long shot)

sorry i could not get you there erlier, the blogging websiter was doing some sort of construction......
(oh yea, click to enlarge)
Bulldog cafe!

Holy crap this place has a lot of bikes


This one speaks for itself

Had to put this one in... Lambos rule!!


Rudeshiem coffee! Wot Wot Wot!!

Fair maidens from the first roman empire go shopping.

One Serious barrel of wine wot!!

July 17, 2006

My name is Peace
This is my hour........
Mien hut der hat drei ecken...............

Okay, I'm finally back. hey, the people in the Pittsburg airport speak english almost as well as those people in Amsterdam flol!!! we woke up in Basel yesterday, where the airport is half in Switzerland and half in France. The day before that, we where in Strasborg, france and I will complain now about how maddening it was when we only got like 2 hours to look around. I just BARELY fit in a chocolate crepe. It was imperfect, but fun while it lasted. The day before that, we where in Heidelburg, where we did a tour of this crazy old castle and walked around on the happy old cobblestone streets. I scored on shopping BIG TIME. But I will tell you about that later. After Heidelburg, we took a bus back to this little town called Speyer, where we went to this cool little Beirgarten (the german equivelant of a cafe, more associated towards beer, olbviously) in the middle of nowhere, whrere I had one of the best iced mocha-coffe-latte-cappachino-thingys ever. It had ICE CREAM IN IT!!!! AWESOME!!! So that is about it, and I will update you with pictures and other random stuff. SEE YA!!!

July 13, 2006

I have been having a reacurring dream lately involving a long river and a beach.......................

Anyway, i hve been having a preey cool time here on the rhine, and hope to finally get to talk about some of it since it is hard to find a computer. Okay there are SO MANY FREAKING CASTLES ON THIS RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been watching them for about a day or so and i have seen like fifteen (fünfzehn) of them. I take pictures with my grandpa´s fancy camera and sip exotic smoothies aquired from the boat's bar. I also saw that outrageously large cathedral in Cologne, which contained some cool mosaics and tapestry, along with this statue that was like a thousand years olds (1000 yars alt). All the cities are pretty cool with there old buildings and cobblestone streets (which are a pain in the butt/foot/legs to walk on with sandals flol). Today we went to a museum with a bunch of insrments that play themselves, which was pretty cool. There is also really great food on the boat. Still, it is not all fun and games. By now those tours are getting pretty tiring and i am a little museumed out. i try to break off from the group and do some non-touristy exploring with my family (mien familia) or friends as much as possible. in two (svie) days i get to go to strausborg, framce whic is gong to be really cool and über. M´kay I gotta go now hope to see you all soon and....

Hope you are having as much fun as i am flol!!!

July 11, 2006

Hey everybody im in germany and there is not at lot of time to do this beacuse im in a net cafe ant there is no net on the boat. I will just say a few quick things.
The cruise ship is awesome. It is all fancified and cushy and they have exellent food, including afternoon tea!!!!!!!!!!!
I am using a german keyboard so I get all these cool characters and can say cool things.
öäöÖÄäÜüÖö!!!!! Wot wot wot!
!#gotta go bye!

July 9, 2006

Okay I dont have lots of time. Today i am leaving on a boat to go to germany. This boat is called the river queen, not to be confused with the river princess, river dutchess, river baroness, river ambassador or river royale. I hear there will be a walking tour of antwerp before we leave. ofv I cant handle getting off another tour bus, putting another radio thing in my ear and following the leader AGAIN. Especially not in a city where there is more that just tourism. i have enough dignity to feel completely ridiculuos doing that. Yet it seems inevidable. I just want to rome around and find what i find. And if i eat at one more tourist-friendly restaurant I WILL FRICKIN' KILL MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but anyway,

Hope you are having as much fun as I would end up having if I did not feel completely ridiculous about it flol!!!!

July 8, 2006

Ah, the great european adventure continues with an interesting story involving dinner. (I would like to kindly ask everybody reading this to first be shure that they have read all of the previous post, to enhance your blog-reading experience.) Interestingly enough, we did actually go to a restarant on a dirty old backroad that was about five feet wide. Still, it seemed quite tourist friendly and the waitor was (olbviously) fluent in english. So before we went to eat the kind waitor at the restaraunt was talking to us and trying to convince us to eat there. For most of that conversation, we had some drunk guy in a bar next door laughing at us and making strange gestures all about the room. Then we where affered a list of appatizers, and I figured I would try the escargot (yes, that means snails). It was not to bad actually. The snails are soaked in butter and garlic,which makes them mostly taste like exacly that. The downside of this dish is that it is remarkably chewey, which leaves one cheving on snail for quite a while, which is not good for people who tend to think about the food while they eat it. MY advice would be to cut the snail in half and eat in in portionsm, which makes it good. Just don't think about it. Well, that is probably the most interesting thing I have to write about, besides the crazy french fans and the drunk guy I almost ran into in the street . This man was NOT in a pirate costume, interestingly enough ;). I suppose I could talk about the qzesome belgian waffle I had with fresh wipped cream and strawberries, or the fact that I bought enough bars of exellent belgian chocolate to feed the city of meadville. I could say the thing I learned about belgian chocolate, like how it cant have sugar or sweeteners, just Cocao butter and cocao powder. Or how any other kind of chocolate is industrial and bad. I could state my solid opinion on how dark chocolate is the only real chocolate, and any other kind is sissy chocolate and completely infirior. Mabye I should talk about how I never planned to get off some large tour bus, put a little radio thing in my ear and follow the leader. I also considered saying how ridiculoust this made me feel. I also though of saying that I saw a nun an a bycicle. Oh well, mabye next time. ANYWAY,

Hope you are having as much fun as i eventually ended up having flol!!!
Oy vey bruge is so strange. The entire town is complealy tourist. I'M SERIOUS!!!!! you look around and everybody is in some sort of gruop looking at tourbooks and maps and taking pictures. This may seem harsh but I would say that the city itself really has no lifem so to speak. Any real natives to the area work in the tourist industry in some way or another. It's like a mideval theme park or movie set. Think about it. A city almost entirly populated by people who will only be there a short time. And everybody who actually stays there is completely dedicated to serving there people and making them happy. And you can't really "blend in", beacuse there is nobody to blend in with. I don't know about anybody else, but the whole thing made me feel slightly ridiculous. And food is another issue. the guide said all the restaraunts there where good and tourist-friendly. LAME!!!! I want to walk down some dirty back road that is five feet wide and go to some old looking retaurant where the waiter barley speeks english, and the tables are sat outside on the cobblestone roads. Then I could order some exellent food and drink some strange drink, hoping to never know exactly what is in it. Now THAT is high adventure and that is what I like. If only.........................

Hope you are having as much fun as I am hoping to have flol!!!!

July 7, 2006

yes, at first glance Brussels seems unremarkable compared to Amsterdamia. Once I got to walk around, I saw interesting people, good food, and really beutiful buildings. This one view of the city skyline is basically dome, dome, tower, dome, tower, tower, tower, dome. It is quite nice.(still not as nice as Amsterdamia) We went to this awesome little place and ate where they gave us free wine(I know what you are thinking now. Yes, I did drink the wine), then wer ordered exellent pizza and pasta. The chocolate is also awesome. I bought a bar(Rich & dark, of course) at this cool place, then took a few squares from the cleaning lady that gave one to each room flol. So anyway, I'm Havin' fun, and I certainly......

Hope you are having as much fun as I am flol!!!

July 6, 2006

Okay, so it is almost 10:30 and I just went to this crazy parade thing that happens once a year to commemerate when king Whats-his-face the somethingth came to brussels to do watever kings do in large Mideval cities. I guess it was a big deal for them................. So anyway, there where people on horses, and twirling large flags, and playing music, handing out free beer, and doing anything else a midival city might do when some sort of royalty arrived for reasons i am not completely sure of...........mabye he wanted some waffles. Anyway, there where all kinds of people in costumes and it was all very festive and phun. Unfortunattly, our tour has a lot of older people and there is a major "tour" aspect to it which i usually try to avoid wot. i guess I would just rather not make a huge to-do about driving around in a tour bus and gawking and the nice people just carrying out there lives. I would rather blend in and get a chance to do something no other tourist would find. And scheduels always annoyed me. oh well, its getting late and I have to go now. In Conclusion:

Hope you are Having as much fun as I am flol!!!
Hello everyone!!!!
Although I have not really seen much of Bruessels, the place we have just arrived at, I figured I would give you a few updated on my general life at this momant. Here it goes...................

1) I am typing on a french keyboard right now, so the letters are all messed up. MAJOR PAIN!!!
2) Our tour (which officially begins later today), has more young people on it than we originally thought. ov.
4) Much of Brussels speaks French, and I an quietly trying to learn as much as I can while we are here flol.
5) Even if i could speak french as well as my dad does, I still suck with the accent so I must inevedably continue to look like even more of a tourist twit llol.
6) Last and quite potentially least, I should put a post about Brussels once I have seen it, so check back later today or tomarrow
( 7- Please remember that I am 6 hours ahed of all you guys in PA, so the terms morning, Night, etc are relative to my time frame.)

July 5, 2006

Today we went biking down a neat little trail in the amsterdamian countryside. We rode through this awesome little farming area where all the houses where on a canal. Some people had Boats litereally parked at their doors, along with this little raft-like thingy that pulled stuff to the other side with a sort of winch thing. I will have pictures of this, along with all the other neat thing I do posted at the end of the trip, beacuse we cant load our pictures on to a computer here. We also wentto the Ann Frank house/museum place simply to get incredibly depressed and wonder how anybody possibly made sunch an ordeal out of the diary of a girl who was stuck in an attic for a really long time. It just seems there is not much material to work with in that. But ANYWAY,

Hope you are having as much fun as I am flol!!

July 4, 2006

HeyHeyHey people!!!
Since it is my second day of being in Amtsredam, I thought it easer to show pictures rather then describing too much. So since a picture is worth a thousand words(give or take a few)here are some with their descriptions.A-The canal lined with many bridges.B- ov vey there are a lot of bikes here.(the machine is spazing out, more pictures coming soon flol)(click pix to enlarge.....I think)



Hope you are having as much fun as I am flol!

July 3, 2006

July 3, 2006

Amsterdam. Oy Vey. This is probably one of the wildest, craziest, funnest, and most interesting places I have ever benn to flol. Its streets are lined with canals that have house boats, pedal boats, sail boats, row boats, and any other kind of boat you could possibly think of. Although the streets are small compared to the highways in america, traffic is surprisingly light for an interesting reason. Almost everybody owns some sort of old bike, which they ride back and forth nearly everywhere. I have seen people in suits and dresses on bikes, people with children on bikes, people balancing breafcases on bikes, and inevedably talking on the phone while riding a bike. I have almost gotten run over a number of times, but most bikers use a friendly bell to warn you that you are about to get run down. Although, one lady did start randomy yelling at us in Dutch llol. That was pretty funny. The city is so filled with interesting language that I decided to keep track of some of the more interesting dutch words I had seen. Some of the highlits include vulpoegmedewerkers and Geldautomaat. (those are aproximate descriptions of the words, but are not guaranteed to be exact because I have trouble reading my own handwriting flol.) So anyway, there are probably going to be some more neat things happening tomorrow (potentially a boat trip down the canal) so stay tuned.

Hope you are having as much fun as I am flol!!!

July 1, 2006

For DEFEATING the favored BRAZIL
In order to move on to the SEMIFINALS against Portugal
(coming soon: a step-by-step guide on how to win the world cup)

Okay so I'm finally leaving for Amsterdam tomarrow real early, so I will keep all you ever so slightly interested people updated on all the crazy stuff I do.(and mabye some of the even crazier stuff i did not do flol) I still should be able to do email there, so keep in contact if you can.

See ya in two weeks!