April 28, 2010

My Sweet Senior project is Finally Getting on (kind of) a Roll

So here is my first real attempt at composition..... Our marching band director has let me compose the drum feature for next year's band show. This is going to be very exciting and quite difficult. She insists that I mustn't make it to difficult for this young percussion section. I agree, so I am working on using space together with notes, and stick to simple rhythms. Not entirely sure how this is working so far. The plan is to have a very rudimental and structured first part of the piece with heavy accents and straight, driving rhythms, resembling something a drum corp may do. The second half should be a complete contrast when the music transitions into a funky, syncopated latin jam! This part is gonna be sweet. But I'm still on the first part, seeing as that is going to be quite a bit harder to..... well... not make to hard.

April 25, 2010


Hey dedicated readers!!!! I know I've been pretty busy as of late and unable to randomly blab and rant on this funny little blog. But now that I'm done with All-State orchestra and am free to do whatever I want for now, it is high time to get this blogging experience rollin' again in a whole new way. Two things.

1) I will soon be putting videos on YouTube on behalf of myself and my band, pertaining to our music, my music, and the events surrounding these events. I'll admit that past attempts at this have come up short, but now I am fully capable of making this work due to a recent acquisition of a camera that makes videography significantly quicker and more convenient.

2) One of the things that makes this blog so tricky is my lack of a unifying theme to write things about. The problem with this is that it's even trickier to think of a good unifying theme of things to write about. So my new semi-official and easily adjustable basis for writing will be as follows.

Living with big plans in a small town can have its negatives and positives. Regardless, I can't deny the fair amount of exciting things that I've been able to get into with the help of a few great friends, teachers, and parents. I couldn't possibly find time to describe all these things in detail, and I'm not entirely sure anybody would enjoy it even if I did. So instead this blog represents a stream of consciousness regarding rockstar fantasies, music communities, practice regiments, indie bands, (numerous) unusual characters, a little bit of luck, and a kid with a weird name in a place that nobody has ever heard of. In other words, Sutter Speak.