May 31, 2008

Things to come

There is only

6 Days 1 Hour 9 Mins 50 Secs

Left until school ends!!!

After that, prepare yourselves for some more crazier QQQ action over the summer, including...

Inside jokes!
Bat Mitzvah!
Band Camp!
Jamming in the bassment studio, A.K.A The Qdio (get it? GET IT?)
Recording sessions in The Qdio
More Inside Jokes!
Gettin' the Game on (Halo 3)
Rock Band bass-off!
New Fashion blog- "50 Cents Per Yard" (maybe)
Cubic Fashion- "QBique" (maybe)
And Yea. I'm totally looking forward to it. Peace!!!

May 28, 2008

QQQ's "What you want" part #.......shoot I lost track

The Q cubed says What you want is........

"School to end and me to not have to take that damn Biology final!!"

8 Days 21 Hours 4 mins 20 seconds......Werd.

May 19, 2008

Its about time....

I'd say that its high time to begin the "End of school" countdown!!!

Lets start it off now!
17 Days
15 Hours 23 Minutes 41 seconds