July 7, 2006

yes, at first glance Brussels seems unremarkable compared to Amsterdamia. Once I got to walk around, I saw interesting people, good food, and really beutiful buildings. This one view of the city skyline is basically dome, dome, tower, dome, tower, tower, tower, dome. It is quite nice.(still not as nice as Amsterdamia) We went to this awesome little place and ate where they gave us free wine(I know what you are thinking now. Yes, I did drink the wine), then wer ordered exellent pizza and pasta. The chocolate is also awesome. I bought a bar(Rich & dark, of course) at this cool place, then took a few squares from the cleaning lady that gave one to each room flol. So anyway, I'm Havin' fun, and I certainly......

Hope you are having as much fun as I am flol!!!

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