April 24, 2009

Friday Night

I went out to dinner with my dad Friday night. It seemed like It'd be just a usual trip to the local Mexican restaurant. But considering it was on the nicest day Meadville had seen all year, and the College students were partying in full force, I should have known that normal wouldn't exactly be on the agenda. After we had easily taken care of a chicken fajita, and I was part way through my fried ice cream, I saw Jayme, Justin, Erin, and Megan walking by the window. Who would have thunk? I decided to finish up my fried ice cream, leave my father to his own devices and roam the 'Ville with my people. We went and picked up videos and candy, then walked back up the hill. This was where all the crazy college students were partying. Apparently a few had previously asked Jayme and Megan to come join them, but were embarrassed to discover how young they were. Fortunately, the students left us alone on the way back, because otherwise Erin probably would have smacked some suckas. The road to Erin's house was infested with college students and beer. They were in big clumps that were randomly dispersed up and down the roads. And there was easily much more noise than I would ever expect to hear coming from any part of Meadville. It seemed like a hilarious idea to present "The Sutter & Erin Show" for the party goers. I was trying to think of really good ways to screw with them (and in fact there were some people who heard us this time!). My big line was "Attention! This is god!". But of course since I randomly had I'm on a boat stuck in my head, I added some of the song on to the end of that. It was quite amusing. Then I walked briskly home. Since neither my sister or mom were there at the time, I got to practice drums even after 9:30. It was tight!!! Peace Y'all. Party on.

April 22, 2009

May I take this opportunity to.....

may i take this opportunity to direct you to some videos of my band playing?? I really thing you will enjoy this! We've been working really hard and have come a long way. Check it out!! This is the YouTube Channel.

BUT if you are to lazy to go there yourself, here are some embedded videos that are a lot of fun!

April 19, 2009

Its the 300th post!!!

MAN AM I PUMPED TODAY!!! Why? Because I logged on to blog about my awesome weekend, and upon loading the home page, I saw that this blog had 299 posts. And you know what that means! It is time to celebrate post #300! I remember all the good times that were had in and around this blog....

-Like when Jayme and Erin made a list of things that they blame me for
-When I decided that if anybody has a question about anything, they should ASK MO!!
-Going to NYC with the music department last spring...
-The quest to form the world's greatest Rock Band band
-The quest to form the world's greatest rock band!!!
-"What the heck is a Q anyway?"
-The YouTube top 10, which only goes to #5 I think...
-When the New York Giants BEAT THE PATRIOTS in the Super Bowl!!!(and how they did it)
-INSIDE JOKES!!! "Chillax, man! If you wanted some, all you had to do was ask!"
-The differences between drummers and everybody else (I like this so much I'm giving you the link)
-Recording Studio!!!
-My amazing trip to Netherlands/Germany
-Band(s) of the week
-Band Camp and the greatest shows ever played
-Me taking various trips to California and bragging about them...
-The music department's second trip to NYC
-Week of FAIL!!!
-Randomly yelling at passerby out a window (The Sutter & Erin Show)
-And MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Stay tuned!

April 11, 2009

Of course you want to listen to the Sutter & Erin show! Do we give you a choice?

So I was hanging out at my friend Erin's house the other day and we were just chillaxing and thinking of stuff to do. Her room in on the top floor and has a very nice view of the surrounding area through a large open window. Coming down from that window is a conveniently placed ladder, the climbing of which is very difficult to resist. But anyways, we were discussing the various ways a person could be entertained while looking out this window (other than climbing out of it). I ask her, "do you ever feel the need to randomly yell at passerby? Because this would be a perfect place to do it from!" I mean there are people we know, people driving cars, drunk college students, a whole array of potential targets. It would be even better if we had a megaphone. Not long after, I noticed a bass amplifier in the corner of her room. I asked if by any chance she had a microphone. She did. I plugged it in. I propped up the amp right by the window. It was loud. It was good. We started yelling stuff, telling jokes, reporting on the few and not very exiting things that happened within our realm of vision. Oh, but we made them sound so very exciting. We eventually progressed to this very unorthodox setup that allowed both of us to broadcast music using this amp. Although it was really just my Zune turned up to 20 connected to Erin's large pair of headphones which we put up close to the microphone, I still felt like a DJ. Talked like one too. We don't know for sure if anybody was listening, or if anybody was enjoying it (besides the woodpecker), but that didn't make the Sutter & Erin show any less entertaining. This is one of those cases when the audience was not important. But feel free to call in and make a request next time!!! We hope you will enjoy the Sutter & Erin show!! PEACE!

April 5, 2009

Everybody listen....Beacuse this is Sutter Speak!!!

Yes, my name is Sutter...its kind of a funny name, but an adequate one never the less, because this is my blog after all. The NEW URL OF THIS BLOG WILL BE www.SutterSpeak.blogspot.com in at least....5 minutes ago. I like this new address because it is easier to say and quicker to remember. See?? I'm always thinking of you guys when it comes to user-friendly blogging. And with this new name comes the dawn of a new era of web communications (in my mind). SO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS about Sutter Speak and check back soon for more awesome-ness. I am hoping to also be doing more with my YouTube channel.
Wait....did somebody say You Tube???? Then you gotta check this out! Its the official Conspiracy Theory channel on youtube.com!!! Which means that you have NO EXCUSE to be watching. PEACE.