February 23, 2009

It's a Conspiracy....

MY FELLOW ROMANS!!! I've just been chillaxin' here and figured I'd check in with you before I get waaaaay to busy. So even though my digital recorder is sorta broken and I am having trouble convincing the band director to let my band practice in her room during school, all is not lost just yet. This week I'm going to the District 2 Jazz festival in......TITUSVILLE!!!!! (where?)
That's right, all the way out into the middle of nowhere is right where I will be headed come this Thursday to bust out my mad vibraphone, conga, and other incendiary auxiliary percussion skills for a couple days of jazzin' out! I will have to bring another set of clothes as well as a nice suit, practice with a bunch of people I don't know on insturments that I have never played before, and even stay at some other house....not entirely sure I can handle it, but I'll be gettin' back to you.
In other news, I am also in a rock band, and instead of getting together once year at some random school in the middle of nowhere (like Titusville), we get together in my basement every weekend. And we're pretty awesome. We even have our own clothing line (a sure sign of awesomeness). You should check it out RIGHT FREAKING NOW!!!!


Thats all. Actually I'm not quite done yet.
As you can imagine I do not always have good things to write about. I need I-deas. Got an good idea? Got a crappy idea? Send it to quow@windstream.net and I will dish out some wisdom on whatever randomness you can throw at me. Bring it on!!!!

February 14, 2009

New Microphones!!

Got new microphones at World of Music today!! Some seriously good timing: We go up to see my drum teacher's senior recital, and there happens to be a ridiculous sale at World of Music. And I had it all planned out anyways. It was a perfect opportunity to pick up a pair of Shure SM 57s that are so well known in the music industry as excellent instrument mics. Normally these would be close to 100 bucks each, but everything was 15% off! Now I was totally prepared to pay for these with my hard-saved cash, but my mom thought it made more sense to just pay for it with my college education fund.......
And I have no idea where the money came from to get my sister a new baritone saxophone, but that is exactly what they did, and now we have a gigantic case sitting in our living room. And my, does that thing sound cool! Not the case, the saxophone. I mean its pretty much almost as tall as her.
SO hopefully I will soon get myself together to use these great mics and lay down some sweet drum tracks for the awesome songs that my band plays. I'll let you know when it all gets a workin'!

February 8, 2009

I'm a rich man....

so according to this website, my blog is worth $5,280,279. I'd say thats pretty freaking sweet.

Here is the Icon to prove it:


Check yours?

Now I am not sure what kind of fuzzy math is being practiced here, but we can still all be fairly sure that I shouldn't be needing a federal bailout anytime soon.

Band of the week- Grammy edition

In honor of the 51st Grammy awards that are happening tonight, I have decided to do a special Band of the Week section with some of my favorite nominees. Here is the lowdown.

Coldplay- I do believe that this is the year's most nominated band, hoping to win in categories such as Album of the year, record of the year, best pop performance by a duo or group with vocals, and more. Most of these nominations are for Viva la Vida, as an album or a song. I believe that Viva la Vida is one of the slickest and most interesting albums in recent years, certainly coldplay's best yet. But they should absolutely NOT win song of the year, for a reason I will state soon.

Jason Mraz- He is the reason that Viva la Vida should be denied song of the year. Mraz has been a favorite of mine since his debut, waiting for my rocket to come, and his more recent we sing, we dance, we steal things is even better. Plus, everybody has got to love "I'm yours". Come on now!

Radiohead- With nominations including album of the year and best rock vocal performance, I'd say the band that epitomizes alternative rock in the 21st century should get a bit of recognition.

The Jonas Brothers- JONAS BROTHERS WTF?