July 31, 2006

Marching band can seriously wear you out. I am exuasted, and it is only 1 o'clock. That means five straight hours of band, 7-12. Oy Vey. Anyway, here I am being all tired and I think I will post some song lyrics. (I cant belive I have to got to soccer tonight. F.Y.I. Marching Band+soccer= not fun tomarrow morning)

So whatcha doin' tonight?
Have you heard that the world's gone crazy?
Young Americans listen when I say there's people puttin' us down
I know they're sayin' that we've gone lazy
To tell you the truth we've all seen better days
Don't need no fast buck lame duck profits for fun
Quick trick plans, take the money and run
We need long term, slow burn, getting it done
And some straight talking, hard working son of a gun.
Whatcha doin' tonight, I got faith in our generation
Let's stick together and futurize our attitudes
I ain't lookin' to fight, but I know with determination
We can challenge the schemers who cheat all the rules

-Rockin' the paradise (a song we play in marching band flol)

and for the lawyers..............

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