July 8, 2006

Ah, the great european adventure continues with an interesting story involving dinner. (I would like to kindly ask everybody reading this to first be shure that they have read all of the previous post, to enhance your blog-reading experience.) Interestingly enough, we did actually go to a restarant on a dirty old backroad that was about five feet wide. Still, it seemed quite tourist friendly and the waitor was (olbviously) fluent in english. So before we went to eat the kind waitor at the restaraunt was talking to us and trying to convince us to eat there. For most of that conversation, we had some drunk guy in a bar next door laughing at us and making strange gestures all about the room. Then we where affered a list of appatizers, and I figured I would try the escargot (yes, that means snails). It was not to bad actually. The snails are soaked in butter and garlic,which makes them mostly taste like exacly that. The downside of this dish is that it is remarkably chewey, which leaves one cheving on snail for quite a while, which is not good for people who tend to think about the food while they eat it. MY advice would be to cut the snail in half and eat in in portionsm, which makes it good. Just don't think about it. Well, that is probably the most interesting thing I have to write about, besides the crazy french fans and the drunk guy I almost ran into in the street . This man was NOT in a pirate costume, interestingly enough ;). I suppose I could talk about the qzesome belgian waffle I had with fresh wipped cream and strawberries, or the fact that I bought enough bars of exellent belgian chocolate to feed the city of meadville. I could say the thing I learned about belgian chocolate, like how it cant have sugar or sweeteners, just Cocao butter and cocao powder. Or how any other kind of chocolate is industrial and bad. I could state my solid opinion on how dark chocolate is the only real chocolate, and any other kind is sissy chocolate and completely infirior. Mabye I should talk about how I never planned to get off some large tour bus, put a little radio thing in my ear and follow the leader. I also considered saying how ridiculoust this made me feel. I also though of saying that I saw a nun an a bycicle. Oh well, mabye next time. ANYWAY,

Hope you are having as much fun as i eventually ended up having flol!!!

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