July 9, 2006

Okay I dont have lots of time. Today i am leaving on a boat to go to germany. This boat is called the river queen, not to be confused with the river princess, river dutchess, river baroness, river ambassador or river royale. I hear there will be a walking tour of antwerp before we leave. ofv I cant handle getting off another tour bus, putting another radio thing in my ear and following the leader AGAIN. Especially not in a city where there is more that just tourism. i have enough dignity to feel completely ridiculuos doing that. Yet it seems inevidable. I just want to rome around and find what i find. And if i eat at one more tourist-friendly restaurant I WILL FRICKIN' KILL MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but anyway,

Hope you are having as much fun as I would end up having if I did not feel completely ridiculous about it flol!!!!


Robertafaith said...

OK Sutter enough with the killing yourself. I hope you are doing well.
So didya get us choclate yet?
By the way to prove I am not a complete stranger I will say this Quow.
By the way my moms middle name is faith. This her blogging account.also one reason no one has commented is that you must have an account to post them.

QQue said...

My mom has maid sevral blogging accounts. There is Birdiepie, robertafaith, and QQue

QQue said...

We are having war of the postings. Cant remember all the names and passwords. those blanks spaces are killing me. It's too humid here, so good thing you re on the high seas and not getting seasick. Do you get seasick? Will you speak german by time you get home? have you learned any great secrets about the Germans, their history, their cooking, their slang that you can share with us bivovaced in NW PA.
Leo had a great adventure while you were gone, and Ruby is aobut to have her tooth pulled. Ah yee. Ember also got de-wormed.

We sit and wait from more news from abroad. Yours in the fan lane.

QQue said...

My mom is going insane. She is sighning in as a user and saying that she is somone else.
Hope you are well
Jane shoshoi

QQue said...

However all of her accounts are going wrong. IE: we can no longer log in as them.
Creating landscapes is fun. I am with the Pre-K.