July 6, 2006

Hello everyone!!!!
Although I have not really seen much of Bruessels, the place we have just arrived at, I figured I would give you a few updated on my general life at this momant. Here it goes...................

1) I am typing on a french keyboard right now, so the letters are all messed up. MAJOR PAIN!!!
2) Our tour (which officially begins later today), has more young people on it than we originally thought. ov.
4) Much of Brussels speaks French, and I an quietly trying to learn as much as I can while we are here flol.
5) Even if i could speak french as well as my dad does, I still suck with the accent so I must inevedably continue to look like even more of a tourist twit llol.
6) Last and quite potentially least, I should put a post about Brussels once I have seen it, so check back later today or tomarrow
( 7- Please remember that I am 6 hours ahed of all you guys in PA, so the terms morning, Night, etc are relative to my time frame.)

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