July 25, 2006

Sutter H sez our kitchen is SUCH a mess right now. The table is sideways, there is stuff all over the floor, and I am crammed in at the computer with a piano right next to me. And the lame thing is, we are not even doing anything to our kitchen. It's the carpet in the dining room that drove mom crazy beacuse of its putrid cat pee stench. So we tore it out, and with it came the piano and the dining table, which is now placed conveniently blocking our front door. So that is pretty useless. And what we found under that carpet was a wood floor. But not just any wood floor, it was plywood. More specifically, unfinished plywood. More specifically, there is (was) a square in the center that was unfinished and unsealed. For those of you who did not completely comprehend that, the sides are shiny; the center is dull. And we can't find the proper shade of sealant, so there is now a rather large dark box in the middle of our floor. Jolly good I'll say. So anyway, the weather here is hot, muggy, damp, dry, rainy, sunny, and thunderstorming. No,not alternataly. All at the same time. I have been pulling mint for like an hour, so now I smell minty fresh and very sweaty. Not fun.


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