October 29, 2008


Alright everybody, prepare yourselves. So I get up this morning much earlier than usual and get downstairs before anybody else, open up the front door and what do I see? There is snow on the lawn! Like a whole lot! It was perfectly fine the night before! And all day it gets colder and whiter and worser and....ahhhh! Halloween is tomorrow for us. So I fall to my knees and beg for mercy from the good lord, yelling "WHAT IS THIS CRAP???"

This is us right now.

October 25, 2008

Check out my Bass-ment photosynth!

The photosynth program is Microsoft's method of giving you a whole new way to think about digital photography. This system combines many photographs into what is nearly a 3D model of a subject, room, or landscape. There is plenty to say about it, but I would rather you just look at my very first photosynth! This is my basement, the room in which I do all my music. Enjoy!

Q Cubed double feature!!

Exhibit A: A list of words that Sutter uses all the time in writing, even though he can't spell them.

Magnanimous (not really)

Exhibit B: A really awesome, entirely unrelated vedio. Enjoy!

October 19, 2008

Its all my fault

I am not entirely sure how this came about, but a couple of my friends decided that this month is "Blame Sutter Month", and came up with a highly inventive list of things that I should be blamed for. I was so greatly amused by this that I decided to post it. My own personal additions are in Italics. Enjoy!

Stuff I am blamed for

  1. Modest mouse not playing around here more often
  2. lack of mechanical pencils in Erin’s house
  3. snakes on a plane
  4. uhn tiss, uhn tiss, uhn tiss
  5. Jason Mraz addictions (this could actually be my fault)
  6. Jason Mraz rehab centers being non existent
  7. Jayme’s recent lack of creativity
  8. Bush’s presidency
  9. the word “Magnanimous” (I don’t even know what that means)
  10. The annoying cut on Jayme’s finger
  11. cracks in the sidewalk
  12. Erin’s dad snoring on the couch
  13. it getting dark at 7 PM
  14. it still being dark at 7 AM
  15. Global warming
  16. The ice age
  17. dead wollybear caterpillars on the road
  18. rap music
  19. dragonforce being popular
  20. gangstas , especially white kids who think they are gangsta
  21. Jayme getting burned at Vo-tech
  22. Stanley Meyer’s circuits not working
  23. rednecks
  24. Union city people
  25. Darfur
  26. PETA
  1. Bad sushi
  2. Country music (What? My girlfriend broke up with me then ran over my dog, and I felt the need to sing about it. Several times.)
  3. The Jonas Brothers
  4. Miley Cyrus
  5. Hitler (Ouch. Definitely not my fault)
  6. Drugs
  7. Music being expensive
  8. the bruise on Erin’s leg
  9. Jayme not having clean clothes
  10. Dean’s party being cancelled
  11. Zune’s being underestimated
    1. Jayme’s bad punctuation, as seen above
  12. the poor hobos on the street
  13. Porn Zune (LOLZ!)
  14. No one giving Placebo a chance
  15. Justin not calling Jayme back
  16. being so damn comfortable (Guilty as charged)
  17. Reverse raves ( Katie and Demarius were involved)
  18. Erin’s knee being messed up
  19. Life being confusing
  20. Not having a Starbucks in Meadville
  21. Having a Walgreens
  22. Jonny Rick calling people “Dear” all the time
  23. Losing the game
  24. The Rolling Stones being alive still
  25. Thirty year old men hitting on Jayme
  26. Having two number ‘26’s

This list is dedicated to Jayme and Erin, who blame me for everything. Sorry, guys.

October 5, 2008

An experience in the band, a coelo usque ad centrum

Friday and Saturday were both very long band days. Although I was hot, tired, and sore by yesterday afternoon ( playing quints rarely makes me sore these days), these beautiful days of music-ness remind a person that they are alive like little else. There is no event quite like a Friday in the Fall, when the leaves start to turn orange and red, a cool breeze blows the subtle scent of pumpkin through the air, and marching band is on the mind. I would be the first to admit that I am not the only person who looks forward to Fridays. Though most simply want to sleep in, I am a person who doesn't hope for Friday because it is pizza day, or because the day after it is Saturday, or because the day after that is Sunday. No, Friday is my day because it is game day. Because it is my day to wear a red band shirt, put on that funny looking hat and white feather plume, to take the field cast in halogen light under the banner of Meadville. One thing I can appreciate about the band it something we have that nobody else has. We have the singular ability to bring down the house, no matter what the weather, who the opponent, or which side the coin may land on. Balls may be dropped, games are won and lost, but the Marching Band always controls the field. And nobody of any skill, no group of any size, no well-funded program or well-paid coaching staff can take that away from us. I hope our team goes to playoffs. Its not looking quite as good now as it did when we were 4-0, but it can certainly still happen. I am sure that it'll be worth the extra practices and slightly longer time commitment to show up at one or two extra games and rally our team, who will quite possibly be the underdogs. Not to mention, the massive scheduling conflicts that the postseason games would involve. So be sure to listen for the drums on Friday night, the eternal heartbeat of the dedicated band geeks who make it worth the 3 dollar entrance fee.