July 6, 2006

Okay, so it is almost 10:30 and I just went to this crazy parade thing that happens once a year to commemerate when king Whats-his-face the somethingth came to brussels to do watever kings do in large Mideval cities. I guess it was a big deal for them................. So anyway, there where people on horses, and twirling large flags, and playing music, handing out free beer, and doing anything else a midival city might do when some sort of royalty arrived for reasons i am not completely sure of...........mabye he wanted some waffles. Anyway, there where all kinds of people in costumes and it was all very festive and phun. Unfortunattly, our tour has a lot of older people and there is a major "tour" aspect to it which i usually try to avoid wot. i guess I would just rather not make a huge to-do about driving around in a tour bus and gawking and the nice people just carrying out there lives. I would rather blend in and get a chance to do something no other tourist would find. And scheduels always annoyed me. oh well, its getting late and I have to go now. In Conclusion:

Hope you are Having as much fun as I am flol!!!

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