April 18, 2008

NYC Pix, Baby!!!

Alright, since you all seem so interested, I will hook you up with the best of those 550 pictures I took on the way to, in, and on the way back from New York. Since there are so many, instead of uploading them individually I am going to simply post a link for a the photos, which I have already uploaded in a different location. This should not be a problem for anyone, but if it is feel free to email me or leave a comment on this post, and I will deal with it in whatever way possible. Enjoy the photos!!

Photos Here(largest album)
Here are more(Second most)
Another album (not so many in here)
Some from Battery park area (just a few)
And finally, a bit of randomness from the Bus ride

New York Trip, Again

I've been back from News York since last weekend, but have been busy, and....oh yea, the Numbers. Right. Here are the numbers.

Days: 1.5
Nights: 2
Bus Hours: 16+
People: 53
Cameras: 53
Cell Phones: 52
Guys in a room: 5
Beds: 3
Movies: 6
Spilled Drinks: 5
Crazy pizza parties: 1
Creepy dudes in windows taking pictures of us: 1
Louis Vuitton handbags per window display: 1
People in group: 3-5
Groups in group- 1-6
Least stuff brought: Me*
Least stuff bought: Me*
Latest shower-taker: Me
Earliest Shower-taker: Me (same shower)
Last to get food: Me
Scary people selling knockoff/stolen merchandise: 36
Homework: None
Photo Ops: 6
Shopping stops: 4
Musicals: 1
Italian dinners: 1
Free breakfasts: 2
Outdoor Ice-skating Rinks: 1
Starbucks: 1**
Jamba Juice:1**
Soft Pretzels: 4
Lunches: 1 less than was needed**
Photography-related injuries: 3**
Inside Jokes: 64

Oh yea, and......
I brought 1 camera
I used 1 memory card and 4 batteries
I took 550 pictures in a day an a half.
Not to mention taking group pics with other people's cameras.... often holding more than one at a time.

* I am very sure of this
** These are personal statistics. Info on the entire group is unknown.

April 10, 2008

Goin' to New York!!

Huzzah!! I'm gonna get up real early tomorrow (Friday) morning to get on a bus and head out to the great city with some peeps in Meadville high school's music department! We are gonna walk around, shop (of course) and see a musical! Among other things. Its gonna be awesome. Stay tuned Monday afternoon for a ridiculously large amount of pictures. I will see you all later!