July 5, 2006

Today we went biking down a neat little trail in the amsterdamian countryside. We rode through this awesome little farming area where all the houses where on a canal. Some people had Boats litereally parked at their doors, along with this little raft-like thingy that pulled stuff to the other side with a sort of winch thing. I will have pictures of this, along with all the other neat thing I do posted at the end of the trip, beacuse we cant load our pictures on to a computer here. We also wentto the Ann Frank house/museum place simply to get incredibly depressed and wonder how anybody possibly made sunch an ordeal out of the diary of a girl who was stuck in an attic for a really long time. It just seems there is not much material to work with in that. But ANYWAY,

Hope you are having as much fun as I am flol!!

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