November 26, 2007

Band of the week: Ok Go

Are you paying attention??
Beacuse if you are, you will notice that I have added an awesome video bar to the right side of my blog. This will feature some YouTube videos from my band of the week. This week, the band is Ok Go, a British pop group. Along with their infamous YouTube hit, here it goes again, OK Go has filmed a couple other music videos that you might actually want to watch, as well as listen to. I sure did. ENjoY!!!

November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving with #8!!!!!!

Naturally, I must do something for thanksgiving that is completely unrelated to Thanksgiving in reality. Naturally, my number 8 on the YouTube top 10 would be perfect for such a thankful occasion. This is a very rockin', yet simple video involving an electric guitar cover of..........Pachabel's Canon. I'm serious about this. Although you cannot see this guy's face, you can feel his rock through the whole video.
So here it is, Number 8 on the YouTube countdown, simply entitled guitar, Its........................


Coming up later........
The YouTube Honorable Mention awards:
"Dont Stop The Music"

November 20, 2007

OMG. Its ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!

As we all know, forming a band is tough for even the most talented musicians (like me). Good guitar players are scarce, basements are smelly, and nobody ever knows the same song as anybody else. But today all that changed........sort of. The newly released Xbox 360 game Rock Band is a reincarnation of the popular rhythm game Guitar Hero. But there is one small difference. In this game, Harmonix design studio invited the rest of the band. Now you can create "music" with up to three Friends by pressing buttons at the right time, as bars scroll down the screen. That is, if you already have the game, or pre-ordered it. If you have not, better start looking NOW. Oh, and did I mention the drums? Yea, there are drums to. The pack comes with a "Fender guitar", set of four drum pads (real sticks included!), and a USB mic(and of course, the game disk), so the whole band can go on a world tour that involves making actual and somewhat realistic risk-reward decisions, such as what size venue to play in. (Smaller venues give less money than larger ones when you beat a song, but you lose a larger fan base when you fail in a larger venue. But that's not important because you wont fail. Right?) And no, pressing buttons on a guitar shaped controller (while also pressing the strum bar, no less!) has very little to do with actually playing guitar. But the four drum pads and kick pedal are very much more close to actually drumming! Will it be easier for real drummers? I don't know, but I am determined to put it to the test in my quest to create....
The greatest ROCK BAND band ever!!!!
Armed with a band of Guitar Hero veterans, a singer (open tryouts are this Sunday 12-3 pm), and some seriously mad drumming skills, I am DETERMINED to take the digital world by storm with my band's crazy shredding/bassing/pounding/loud singing. But first I need an Xbox 360. Shoot, I should have thought of that before.........
So now I am on a quest to.....
Get an Xbox 360 and the game ROCK BAND in order to create.....
The greatest ROCK BAND band ever!!!
Lets get started!!!!

November 12, 2007

The Zune 2.0!!!!

iPod+Bill Gates magic=Zune 2.0

RELAX. Microsoft's new Zune has been redesigned from the ground up, and the result is pretty darned cool. Here is the article from

Okay, read it? Great. Many of the changes found in the 80GB version also carry over to the smaller 8GB and 4GB versions. Most notably, the physical interface is the same simple, three button layout, the GUI is virtually identical, and the new software is clean and intuitive to use.
That being said, the 8GB version is definitely a different animal from its bigger 80GB brother, differentiating itself in several key ways. Here, let's break it down, shall we?
Extra Flair
While the 80GB Zune comes in ony a deep black noir finish, the flash based Zunes can be found in green, pink, red, and black colors. Fun fun fun.
PortabilityThis is where the 8GB Zune really stands out. Weighing in at 1.7 ounces, it felt like carrying next to nothing in a pocket. Battery life was also rather impressive too. Microsoft claims up to 24 hours of continuous audio playback time and four hours of video. While estimates like these are typically wildly optimistic at best, they actually are fairly accurate in the case of the 8GB Zune. We eeked out roughly 20 hours of continuous audio playback and a little over three hours of video.Performance Just as we described with the the 80GB review, the Zune performs well as a media player. Audio is clean with minimal distortion — provided you are not using the included headphones. The laughably awful included earbuds are not to be used under any circumstances. Not only do they distort at high and low ranges, but they also become irritating and uncomfortable to wear after a surprisingly short time. Do yourself a favor and invest in some good headphones or 'buds. Your ears will thank you for this.
Video playback is smooth with WMV, h.264 , MPEG-4, and DVR-MS formats supported. Battery life also allows for the viewing of an entire feature length film, but the diminutive screen makes this an eye straining experience.
All Said And Done
We mentioned that the 80GB Zune should recieve a 6.5 point score but ended up giving it a 6 because of some minor issues. Not with the 8GB version. This media player is a straight shot to 6-ville. While it is a vast improvement over past versions of the Zune, it does fall short in several key areas — namely the atrocious earbuds and underachieving battery.
Now, would I recommend the Zune 2? Yes I would, but only for certain folks. The player is such a huge improvement over last-gen Zunes, it's easy to get blinded by new features and become enamored with what look like revolutionary changes. Don't be. When compared to other flash based media players out there, the Zune definitely holds its on, but doesn't really stand out in any one particular area. While, it's unlikely to convert any one who owns an iPod Nano at this point, those seeking out a good Nano alternative or those who simply despise Apple products (c'mon, we know you're out there) will find the 8GB flash based Zune a worthy investment.

(It's me again)
Wait! I am done yet! If you are interested in splurging for the 80GB version, the review can be found here
WOA!!!! lets get a little price perspective here before you all hit the nearest BestBuy:

Zune 2.0 8Gb-$200 (not to shabby for a new release)
Zune 2.0 80Gb-$ 250 (Holy sh**!!!!!!!! only 50 more bucks for 10 times the memory!? Bill Gates really is a god.)

Alright so thats the word for today, untill next time, Happy Listening!

November 8, 2007

Its the iPhone.......shuffle!

This video is not on my top 10 list
In fact, it is not even eligible for an honorable mention
but that does not make it any less of......

The iPhone Shuffle!!!

November 7, 2007

TheYouTube Top Ten-Number 9!!!!!

Hello again to all YoUsers!!! You did not think I had forgotten about you, did you?? well, after a bit of pondering, I have officially decided on #9 of the best YouTube Videos of all time!
Can you believe it? Neither can I. Well, without further ado, #9 is a video of an incredibly intense dude in an urban city. This guy has some mad skillz, and totally oozes ninja-ness. His crazy ninja-style moves are accompanied by some crazy hardcore music. This is an experience that is truly worthy of the #9 spot. Boasting over 17,530,000 (ninja) views, Here is.........

The Urban Ninja

Coming soon:

Pachabel's Canon

And an honorable mention for somebody
who is incredibly hardcore
Stay Tuned!!!