August 30, 2007

It's the NEBTD 200th Post!!!

Hello!! I am proud to announce that this is the 200th NEBTD post of random NEBTD stuff! Since this is conveniently timed with the beginning of school, I will use this time to give you a first report of the ups & downs of 9th grade. So here we go.

Biology Sucks!!!!!
More info later, Enjoy the 200 posts of NEBTD!!!! Thanks for reading!!

August 21, 2007

Ozomatli Tonight!!

Hey peoples!! I am going to a concert in Pittsburg tonight of one of my favorite bands, Ozomatli!!! And I am totally pumped!! So I am looking forward to telling you all about it and you can check out some pictures on their website See ya later!!

August 4, 2007

NEBTD's random color change

Whoa!!!! Stay tuned for Nothing Else Better To Do's Random color change! At some Totally Random time during the next few weeks, the color scheme of this blog will be DRAMATICALLY ALTERED! So stay attentive, because it is totally possibly that whoever happens to see the new color scheme first and then by Mere Coincidence sends me and email at regarding the new colors and telling me what they are could quite possibly be eligible for some sort of prize or prestigious award. So Pay Attention!!!

No Purchase Necessary. Must be age 6 or older to enter.
Only one entry per person. Only open to citizens of the United states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Some restrictions may apply. If found spamming the email above, you will be banned.
Void Where prohibited. Prize must be authorized by a legal parent or guardian.
Actual existence of prize is not guaranteed. Many will enter, few will win.

August 3, 2007

HEY YOU!!! Yea.....I'm talkin' to you! Get over here and check out the new Layout of My Nothing Else Better To Do blog! You'll notice the smooth new background immediately, which I believe to be a useful upgrade from my old design. But that is just the beginning. I loaded up this baby with many new Blog elements, including a redesigned post archive that allows you to access old posts more easily. Another thing I think you will enjoy is the all-new NEBTL (which stands for Nothing Else Better To List). This is a constantly changing feature that shows you what I think is best, worst, funniest, or anything else in absolutely ANY category! And feel free to make requests, I'd love to tell you my opinion on just about anything! While you are looking over there, you might notice a newly updated profile of myself. While this actually says almost nothing about me, I would still like to point out that it is there. Below that, you will notice the Liverpool F.C. logo, with the caption "Yes, I am a Liverpool Fan." Observe it. Love it. Live it. Lets Go Liverpool!! But I digress, for below that is the feature that I think will most influence the world of NEBTD (besides the Liverpool, that is).Observe the NEBTD poll(I'll call it the NEBTD Poll for now). This will pose questions to my readers regarding what is happening in the NEBTD-osphere (little known fact: they called it the blogosphere before I came along). Since that can be just about anything, you never know what you're gonna get! I must be going now, so enjoy the New blog!! Thanks!!