July 11, 2006

Hey everybody im in germany and there is not at lot of time to do this beacuse im in a net cafe ant there is no net on the boat. I will just say a few quick things.
The cruise ship is awesome. It is all fancified and cushy and they have exellent food, including afternoon tea!!!!!!!!!!!
I am using a german keyboard so I get all these cool characters and can say cool things.
öäöÖÄäÜüÖö!!!!! Wot wot wot!
!#gotta go bye!


QQue said...


What an incredible trip. I wish I could smell, and see, and hear all the sensations you're taking in, minus theheadphone and tour leader blah blah. Your grandpa has such good ideas. I guess German written looks more intriguing than the way it sounds, though you are probably in theposition to listen to it and hear it as both a soft and gentle tongue, i.e., minus the Nazi representations on screen and TV. What is this I hear that Camryn has scarlet fever??

QQue said...