September 27, 2008

Differences between drums and the rest of the music world

The topic of today's blog post is, I believe, and interesting one. Being in the drumming business for a few years now, I have naturally notice many differences in the musical lives of drummers, from what is required of them to how they are treated. I am sure that most other musicians have at least a couple times thought something like "what is up with those drummers?" or "why are they doing that?", among other things. So I have decided to bring to you this list, as not only a drummer but a musician and a listener. Hopefully, this list will continue to grow as time goes on. Observe, absorb, consider, and enjoy, my friends!

-Drummers have to fight for the main position in a band. Everybody else can sit down easily with several other saxophones, trumpets, violins, or any other instrument and all play at the same time. If you are not the best drummer in the room, you are probably going to be waiting around for a while.

-Drummers have a lot of stuff to worry about. If we are the last ones ready (which is often the case), it is because we are switching instruments, adjusting equipment, and fussing with music.

-Is it your tempo? Nope, its our tempo.

-Everybody can hear the drums. Most other musicians have a safety net of people playing the same thing all around them to cover their mistakes. A drummer plays something entirely different, usually by him/her self, and often quite loudly. Don't mess up.

-The drummer usually has to play the crappiest instrument. All you other musicians can bring your fancy Selmers and Suzukis from home, but we have to deal with some piece of junk somebody donated to the school 20 years ago, and has been overused and unappreciated ever since.

-With the previous note in mind, the main difference between drums and other instruments is that when a drum is broken, you can still play it.

-There is proof that drums is the most awesome instrument. Have you ever heard of anybody who hangs around the woodwind section asking to play their clarinets?

-You can tune a drum to whatever note you want.

-If the drummers are screwing around in the back of band class, its not to make anybody angry or to get attention, but because they have been resting for 67 measures and are bored.

-We gotta improvise. Making up the music is not a form of rebellion or a way to revive a boring piece, but a finely honed skill that is invaluable to drummers everywhere.

-Don't forget about the rest of the rhythm section! The main reason that other rhythm instruments (bass, piano, etc) are so difficult to play is because they sometimes have to improvise like drummers. In the right key.

Some things that non-drummers should know. Important!

- Our instruments are NOT your tables. Tables are cheap. Percussion instruments are expensive.

-You are not a drummer. Lots of people can hit drums. Just because you can hold a stick improperly and read music does not mean you can join the ranks of the elite. Please stop trying.

-We love you guys, but you don't know a darned thing about rhythm. Its okay, if drummers had to learn about pitches and key signatures as well, we might not have learned a darn thing about rhythm either. Just make sure you listen to us.

-Drummers are not born being more awesome than everybody else. We work really hard to earn that right.

- This next note is especially important for marching band. Your instrument weighs about the same as one of our drumsticks. We still stand most of the time (I know I do). Quit complaining.

September 23, 2008

Twitter Feed on the blog!

So I told you that I could be found on Twitter, remember? Remember? Well I did, and you don't have to take my word for it, because now I have stuck that ol' Twitter feed right onto the blog (hey its better than advertising). So although I have little to write essays about what is going on in my life, I can sure give it to you in 140 characters or less! And while we are at it, you should add Twitter as well! Its good fun and I would love to have some online buddies to send Twitter messages to! And hopefully I'll get back to you with the full blog entries in a couple months when I have time to think/move/eat/sleep

September 14, 2008

band show

Hooray for the marching band! We rocked the house last night like crazy shiz!! Although the rain forced us to play inside, everybody had gotten there hours early, so we made it work. The drumline was grooving and as loud as it could be in the gym, and there was not a soul in the place who didn't hear us coming. We did some "dirty deeds", and blew the audience away with our exellent musical skill. The drumline feauture "stinkin' garbage" was very successful, and I could not have had it any other way considering how much time we spent on it. Also, props to the trumpet players who ran up in to the audience with their mad solos on "dirty laundry". And there was a crazy fun after-party that could have gone on all night. Thank you to all that came, and long live the band!

September 9, 2008

Updates- Where to find me!

As you may or may not know, my various endeavors have brought me to many different parts of the web used for communication, and other things. Let me give you an overview, in case you haven't been keeping up.

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September 7, 2008

Something to remember....dancing in September...Never was a cloudy day

Well, the air smells of fall today, officially marking the beginning of school, and ultimately the end of any reason or opportunity to go outside for the next 6 months. But it could be worse. I have to say that I am actually looking forward to some crunchy leaves, chilly (but not snowy) air, hot apple cider, Halloween parties and Friday night football. Especially Friday night football. The MASH Marching Band is coming off our first 2-0 start in 13 years, and we're going to be working in overdrive this coming week in anticipation of our "Fall Classic" band show on Saturday. Mrs. Manning & Company will be busting out the entire 5-song show with all the frills. If you are in town, I would highly recommend you dropping by. My other endeavor, the home recording studio, is coming along rather well. The band I have gotten together, with the assistance of Jay Byham, has great potential, especially for a band with no name. Once we have decided on a name, there will undoubtedly be some marketing going on. THAT I am looking forward to for sure.