March 30, 2008

Drum Notes....3/30

This morning I was trying some new drum sounds.I've read that keeping the bottom heads looser than the top heads on the toms will make the sound more clear and sharp. I took this to the next level, just for fun, loosening the bottom heads on all four toms until they where nearly falling off. What I got was a really cool ringing timpani-y sound that worked great with fast patterns. Using mallets dulled the sound further, but kept the acoustic ring of the bottom head. This was especially cool on the Floor Tom, and I hope to work it into some sort of composition.

Tested out the new kick drum in Jazz band today... very cool and useful. Might need another pedal in honor of it, though, I had to adjust the currently used one for best sound. I could use a chain-drive anyway, they are much easier. Forgot the tom, but am going to need to figure out the setup at some point. When I put the single tom rack on the new kick, it did not cooperate well. Maybe it will be fine, I'm not sure.
Oh Snap, I got another Hat!!!
it has an "H" on it.....but I am not sure what it stands for
The mysterious "H" is on an orange star, and the hat reads "1965" on the back
Also, it came with a shiny MLB sticker if that is any help.
If anybody knows the whereabouts of this letter, feel free to email me or leave a comment!!
Otherwise, I will just have to Ask Mo!


March 25, 2008

YouTube Blogger Channel......???

I Have recently attached my blogger URL to my YouTube account, Xyranne, and was told that it would allow me to create a video blog. I have a webcam and am excited to create a Vlog (is that what its called? It is now.), but honestly I'm not exactly sure what the youtube folks where talking about. Soon enough I will find out and there will be plenty of videos to go around. Looking forward to.....whatever it is that I will be able to do!!!

HEY!!!! Maybe I should Ask Mo!!!

March 18, 2008

What The heck is a Q anyway?

What is the whole point of a Q blog?? To have people put their ideas on a website specially designed for people with random ideas! Specifically, a Q is a type of blog post based on an outside source not associated with the blog's author. This can usually be in an email copied on the the blog. It makes for great blog browsing, and a more widespread Internet community. Please join by sending your crazy ideas, even photos, drawings, or videos! If I like you I might even let you become a co-author. The revolution starts with the Qcubed!! (hopefully).

HTTP 404 Not Found

I there will not be many blog posts for the next week, because I will be in CALIFORNIA, CHILLIN' WITH MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ON THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Although I will be busy most of the time, I will try to fill you in on my good times. I hope you enjoy your break as well!!

March 11, 2008

Welcome all!

I would just like to remind dedicated fans from the Nothing Else Better To Do era that there will still be plenty of good stuff to do when you have nothing to do, but in a way that will hopefully expand the audience, and also Incorporated. When was the last time YOU where a part of one of your favorite blogs?? Probably never!!! So keep on reading!!!

P.S. The reason i did not give more warning is that i was paranoid somebody else would take the address. I had already gone through a few good ideas that have been used.

Big News!!!! Its The Q Cubed!!!

Far better than Just one "Q", my current blog shall be converted in to a limitless pit of knowledge supplied by the people. Hopefully, the people in question will PAY ATTENTION to the blogosphere and size this once-on-a-website opportunity. Broadcast your ideas! Get opinions! Ask questions! Find answers!! The sooner word gets out the more broad the input will be. Help me out with this, people! The days of leaving your ideas stranded on obscure message boards and Comments sections are over! Take it straight to the source and help start a revolution!
Email whatever you have to say to, and I will post it ASAP!!
THEN, bookmark the blog and tell all your friends about it!

March 10, 2008

Mo Knows all the answers, So Listen up!!

So I have this friend named Mo (which is short for Mahatma, which is short for Megan). And she totally knows everything, and even if she does not, she will pretend to. We decided to start an "Ask Mo" blog in which you may ask Mo for advice, and read about all her adventures in a world of lesser people, specifically High School. Although there is not much going on in the AskMo World right now (It is fairly late, after all), be sure to check up soon and bask in the brilliance of the Mo. For future reference, its
Confused?? I am very much looking forward to co-authoring a blog! (so far its based on my blogger account since mo does not have one, which is why you see "answered by sutter" below the post title. But that may change soon. Stay Tuned!)

March 8, 2008

Band of the week!

The band of the week this week is.......

One of the greatest grunge bands of all time, this Seattle trio became one of the most influential alternative rock bands of all time. Great Performances such as MTV Unplugged in New York will live on for years as an incredible representation of this band's work. The surviving members of Nirvana have also moved on to many other notable projects in today's music scene. Enjoy the clips!!

Albums of note:
All of them, Including Bleach, Nevermind, In Utero, and Unplugged
Things We Need More Of:

-Cents (sense)
-Pictures of trees in Minnesota