November 30, 2008

New band of the week!!! Finally....

So pretty much I found this crazy awesome band that is gonna be the band of the week this week. They are like this crazy punk-funk alternative rock group that has all these awesome grooves and stuff that's just tons of fun to listen to. Ladies and Gentlemen, THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!!

November 21, 2008


There seems to have been quite a lot of "SNOWTF" going on recently. School was canceled today, and unfortunately so was enrichment, which was what I hoped to do instead of school (Ballroom Dancing!!). But alas, I'm just chilling in front of the fire and around the house, hoping not to have anything to do with snow. Also, this week has been appointed the WEEK OF SKIP, due to the excessive absences of me and a couple of my friends. Band practice was also canceled do to unnaturally and unnecessarily large amounts of precipitation. Fortunately, I have a recording studio in my snow-free basement, and if you have a recording studio you don't need a band!! Getting to work!!!

November 16, 2008

SNOWTF Pt. 2!!

ITS SNOWING AGAIN!! Now we cannot go outside or do anything useful besides sitting around and jamming all day. Oh well....

November 7, 2008

The Week of FAIL

Happy week of fail everybody! I hope you all had a good time, regardless of whether or not you actually realized that you were all in the midst of a great fail week. But looking back, I'm sure you will know what I'm talking about. In honor of the impending conclusion of this failful, failicious, failative week, I have prepared a list, in some sort of approximate order, of the great fails of the week. Don't Fail to ENJOY!

1. Gym Class selection fail! (weight Lifting)
2. Sarah Palin fail
3. Day of the week fail
4. Falling asleep in class fail....twice
5. Failure to keep a tempo
6. Failure to waltz

7. John McCain FAIL!!!
8. Prop 8 Fail
9. CNN hologram fail
10. Playoff date fail
11. Champagne fail
12. Hair Fail


13. Trying not to fail FAIL
14. Parachuting man FAIL
15. Baseball player fail
a. Flower drop fail
b. Failure to waltz, again
c. Uncontrollable laughter fail
d. Distraction fail

17. Going to wrong class fail
18. Chemistry lab FAIL!
19. More sleeping in class fail
20. Speling an gramar fail..
21. Internet fail


22. Time of day fail
23. Football FAIL!
24. Memory fail
25. Football on TV fail
26. Thursday fail
27. French fail
28. Wet turf fail
29. Cell fail
30. 34-14 fail
31. Watching the director fail
32. Stand music fail
33. Kevin dancing fail
34. Late bus fail
35. Attempting to waltz fail...again.

37. Raking fail
38. Wet hair fail
39. Sister fail
40. High School Musical FAIL!
Act 1
a) Cheerleader Fail
b) Staging Fail
c) Backdrop fail
d) Offstage Mic fail
e) Guitar fail
f) Bad aim fail
g) Intermission fail
Act 2
h) Curtain fail
i) hand-holding fail
j) Choice of song fail
k) Tambourine fail
l) Tempo fail
m) Piano fail
n) Backdrop fail pt. II
o) Line fail
p) Karaoke CD fail
q) Mallet fail
Cast Party
r) Seating fail
s) Cappy & Jayme fail
t) Entrance fail
u) Jonny Rick fail
v) Noise pollution fail
w) Video fail
x) Hardcore show fail