July 3, 2006

July 3, 2006

Amsterdam. Oy Vey. This is probably one of the wildest, craziest, funnest, and most interesting places I have ever benn to flol. Its streets are lined with canals that have house boats, pedal boats, sail boats, row boats, and any other kind of boat you could possibly think of. Although the streets are small compared to the highways in america, traffic is surprisingly light for an interesting reason. Almost everybody owns some sort of old bike, which they ride back and forth nearly everywhere. I have seen people in suits and dresses on bikes, people with children on bikes, people balancing breafcases on bikes, and inevedably talking on the phone while riding a bike. I have almost gotten run over a number of times, but most bikers use a friendly bell to warn you that you are about to get run down. Although, one lady did start randomy yelling at us in Dutch llol. That was pretty funny. The city is so filled with interesting language that I decided to keep track of some of the more interesting dutch words I had seen. Some of the highlits include vulpoegmedewerkers and Geldautomaat. (those are aproximate descriptions of the words, but are not guaranteed to be exact because I have trouble reading my own handwriting flol.) So anyway, there are probably going to be some more neat things happening tomorrow (potentially a boat trip down the canal) so stay tuned.

Hope you are having as much fun as I am flol!!!

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Robertafaith said...


I like reading your comments as your travel. I really appreciate wanting to blend in and not look like such a honking tourist. Also very impressed that you're trying to pick up some French while you're there. Nothing like hearing the authentic accent to get your ear going. Impressive about your Dad and his ability to communicate via the Francais. Amsterdam sounds amazing. I really want to go with my clan as well. I like that bike friendly part. What smart folks to leave their Winnebagos at home. Look forward to photos of farm houses with boats docked in the driveway and the winch thing that moves what boats or is it groceries about. We've had a boisterous time here what with Sarazina, biking, eating, visiting Conneaut Lake amusement park, and visiting with friends moving to Boulder. Creating Lambscapes, as David calls it, begins tomorrow. Must get David out of teh shower and to bed. We've beenoging to sleep so late that no one opens an eye until after nine a.m. Share more. finally found that I'd or Lucy had bookmarked your blog sight. Love to all, and espeically the dark, dark chocolate. Roberta