July 17, 2006

Mien hut der hat drei ecken...............

Okay, I'm finally back. hey, the people in the Pittsburg airport speak english almost as well as those people in Amsterdam flol!!! we woke up in Basel yesterday, where the airport is half in Switzerland and half in France. The day before that, we where in Strasborg, france and I will complain now about how maddening it was when we only got like 2 hours to look around. I just BARELY fit in a chocolate crepe. It was imperfect, but fun while it lasted. The day before that, we where in Heidelburg, where we did a tour of this crazy old castle and walked around on the happy old cobblestone streets. I scored on shopping BIG TIME. But I will tell you about that later. After Heidelburg, we took a bus back to this little town called Speyer, where we went to this cool little Beirgarten (the german equivelant of a cafe, more associated towards beer, olbviously) in the middle of nowhere, whrere I had one of the best iced mocha-coffe-latte-cappachino-thingys ever. It had ICE CREAM IN IT!!!! AWESOME!!! So that is about it, and I will update you with pictures and other random stuff. SEE YA!!!

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