January 29, 2008

What you want Episode 2

I'm telling you what you want.......again!!
What do you want today?

In case you did not notice, this is a very serious riff on the MacBook Air.
You know you want one now.

January 27, 2008

The quest to become the world's greatest Rock Band Band

As you might know (well, now you know) I have recently received the most amazing Christmas gifts ever in the form of the game Rock Band and the means to play it all day and all night (an Xbox 360). And since Rock Band is clearly one of the best multi player games of all time, there was absolutely no way that I was not gonna start a band or two. The first band I started was a 3-person band naturally called Band.One. This band consists of me on drums, and my sister and any of her little friends switching off on singing and guitar.

Band.One is currently sitting on 146 stars (for each song you play, you gain from 1-5 stars based on how well you do. these are added to your cumulative game score) and 186,400 fans. Not to shabby for a couple of n00bz.

The pop duo consisting of me and my sister, Twice az Nice, is currently edging out Band.One with 149 stars and a whopping 230,000 fans. Note that T.A.N. has also recently acquired a jet and is now on a world tour playing venues in places like Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo.

My other bands are slightly more obscure. Indie pop bands The Slayers (20 stars) and Shifting Balance (54 stars) have not amassed in one place all that many times But with or without a bass player, we proud owners of Rock Band know how to rock nonstop. Werd!

January 25, 2008

50th Annual Grammy Awards are comin' to town!

Hey! I just read some of the nominees for the Grammy Awards this year and was interested. Not only because this is the big five-oh for the most prestigious award show in music (sorry, the MTV music awards really have no class. Plus, they are voted on by the fans! Who cares what they say??). Anyway, since I have no Television and no idea when the actual show is, I will give you my take on the nominees (at least the ones I know), and who I think should win. Honestly, I cant predict who really will win since i have know way to get into the twisted(?) minds of whoever decides. Oh....and this may take more than one post. Enjoy!!

Record of The Year

I have not yet heard the whole album, but the title track is a very soulful and just generally fun to listen to. And I do know Beyonce to have one of the best voices in the biz, on or offstage. Deservingness: 3.5/5

The Pretender-Foo Fighters
Never heard it, unfortunately. But the Foo Fighters have been one of the most entertaining pop bands during the last couple of years, and many of their hits are just about as original as their name. Plus, they are actually performing! Deservingness:4/5

Umbrella-Rihanna Featuring Jay-Z
The (slightly overplayed) title track of this album gracefully outdoes the average obnoxious single that whining about boyfriends and booze that you might find from a teenage pop star like Rhianna. Instead, it is a pleasant, catchy, and meaningful song about a good friend, sung in a good voice. Some of her other tunes are equally catchy and un-obnoxious, but I have unfortunately never known somebody in this genre who has been able to get past good singles. Is this any different? I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. You're welcome, Rianna.

What Goes Around…Comes Around-Justin Timberlake
Oh lord....this new album from the worlds most over-rated artist fails to impress. Although I have not gotten far into the album, the singles are overproduced, predictable, and ugly. Despite a fairly large following, J-Tim does almost nothing for his career, and his music reflects that. Deservingness: 1.5/5

Rehab-Amy Winehouse
You have probably heard the breakthrough lyric that opens Amy's 2nd album. "They tried to make me go to rehab/ but I say no, no, no". This merely marks the beginning of a wonderful soul trip along the roads of Back to Black. The style can best be described as very 40's style R&B with modern lyrics. But Amy pours her heart into her music in a way that most artists could not achieve. Songs such as Back to Black and Tears Dry On Their Own pack a serious punch and ooze soulful attitude. Combine that with incredibly tight brass in a kick-ass backup band, and Amy Winehouse puts on a hell of a show. By far the most worthy of album of the year. Deservingness: 5/5

UPDATE: My review of Amy Winehouse's Music also applies (in so many words) to her nomination for Album of the year, Song of the year (Rehab), Best New artist, best female pop vocal performance, and best pop vocal alum, Respectively.

January 21, 2008

YouTube top 10: We left of at #7, right?

The YouTube top 10 continues (finally) with a video that nobody needs to see more than once. Everybody has heard the song, its the one you all hate to love (or just hate) that pulls in at number 7. Its the video that, for better or for worse, made the entire world familiar with the phrase "superman that hoe". So without further ado, I (somewhat regretfully) present you with Number 7 on the countdown, which is officially labeled as........

Soulja Boy Tell Em - Crank That MUSIC VIDEO Album In Stores!

You probably wont enjoy, but I'll say it anyway.

January 13, 2008

NEBTD's "What You Want" Episode 1: Robotic Guitar

As you know, some of us who have nothing else better to do need consumer goods in order to give us something to do. Since here at NEBTD we are dedicated to bringing you stuff to do, I will write segments telling you what you are gonna want in order to have something to do. Some people ask you what you want, but I am telling you. This is what you want today; The one and only robotic Guitar by the most awesome guitar maker in the business, Gibson. Check it out.


January 7, 2008

MS-OMG!!!! Bill Gates gives speech, rocks out, wins bet!

Bill Gates, in all his awesomeness did so many cool things in his final Keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday, I had to split them into two parts! Here goes.......

Part 1: Keynote Speech

(this is only part of it, but its still pretty long. Sorry i cant get the whole thing in one video.)

Part 2: ROCK OUT!!!!! (for those of you who are soley interested in rocking)

One thing that bothered me: Where the hell is my Multitouch-Xbox 360-Windows-digital-wireless-Zune-Phone???