April 5, 2009

Everybody listen....Beacuse this is Sutter Speak!!!

Yes, my name is Sutter...its kind of a funny name, but an adequate one never the less, because this is my blog after all. The NEW URL OF THIS BLOG WILL BE www.SutterSpeak.blogspot.com in at least....5 minutes ago. I like this new address because it is easier to say and quicker to remember. See?? I'm always thinking of you guys when it comes to user-friendly blogging. And with this new name comes the dawn of a new era of web communications (in my mind). SO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS about Sutter Speak and check back soon for more awesome-ness. I am hoping to also be doing more with my YouTube channel.
Wait....did somebody say You Tube???? Then you gotta check this out! Its the official Conspiracy Theory channel on youtube.com!!! Which means that you have NO EXCUSE to be watching. PEACE.

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