April 24, 2009

Friday Night

I went out to dinner with my dad Friday night. It seemed like It'd be just a usual trip to the local Mexican restaurant. But considering it was on the nicest day Meadville had seen all year, and the College students were partying in full force, I should have known that normal wouldn't exactly be on the agenda. After we had easily taken care of a chicken fajita, and I was part way through my fried ice cream, I saw Jayme, Justin, Erin, and Megan walking by the window. Who would have thunk? I decided to finish up my fried ice cream, leave my father to his own devices and roam the 'Ville with my people. We went and picked up videos and candy, then walked back up the hill. This was where all the crazy college students were partying. Apparently a few had previously asked Jayme and Megan to come join them, but were embarrassed to discover how young they were. Fortunately, the students left us alone on the way back, because otherwise Erin probably would have smacked some suckas. The road to Erin's house was infested with college students and beer. They were in big clumps that were randomly dispersed up and down the roads. And there was easily much more noise than I would ever expect to hear coming from any part of Meadville. It seemed like a hilarious idea to present "The Sutter & Erin Show" for the party goers. I was trying to think of really good ways to screw with them (and in fact there were some people who heard us this time!). My big line was "Attention! This is god!". But of course since I randomly had I'm on a boat stuck in my head, I added some of the song on to the end of that. It was quite amusing. Then I walked briskly home. Since neither my sister or mom were there at the time, I got to practice drums even after 9:30. It was tight!!! Peace Y'all. Party on.

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