April 19, 2009

Its the 300th post!!!

MAN AM I PUMPED TODAY!!! Why? Because I logged on to blog about my awesome weekend, and upon loading the home page, I saw that this blog had 299 posts. And you know what that means! It is time to celebrate post #300! I remember all the good times that were had in and around this blog....

-Like when Jayme and Erin made a list of things that they blame me for
-When I decided that if anybody has a question about anything, they should ASK MO!!
-Going to NYC with the music department last spring...
-The quest to form the world's greatest Rock Band band
-The quest to form the world's greatest rock band!!!
-"What the heck is a Q anyway?"
-The YouTube top 10, which only goes to #5 I think...
-When the New York Giants BEAT THE PATRIOTS in the Super Bowl!!!(and how they did it)
-INSIDE JOKES!!! "Chillax, man! If you wanted some, all you had to do was ask!"
-The differences between drummers and everybody else (I like this so much I'm giving you the link)
-Recording Studio!!!
-My amazing trip to Netherlands/Germany
-Band(s) of the week
-Band Camp and the greatest shows ever played
-Me taking various trips to California and bragging about them...
-The music department's second trip to NYC
-Week of FAIL!!!
-Randomly yelling at passerby out a window (The Sutter & Erin Show)
-And MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Stay tuned!

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