April 11, 2009

Of course you want to listen to the Sutter & Erin show! Do we give you a choice?

So I was hanging out at my friend Erin's house the other day and we were just chillaxing and thinking of stuff to do. Her room in on the top floor and has a very nice view of the surrounding area through a large open window. Coming down from that window is a conveniently placed ladder, the climbing of which is very difficult to resist. But anyways, we were discussing the various ways a person could be entertained while looking out this window (other than climbing out of it). I ask her, "do you ever feel the need to randomly yell at passerby? Because this would be a perfect place to do it from!" I mean there are people we know, people driving cars, drunk college students, a whole array of potential targets. It would be even better if we had a megaphone. Not long after, I noticed a bass amplifier in the corner of her room. I asked if by any chance she had a microphone. She did. I plugged it in. I propped up the amp right by the window. It was loud. It was good. We started yelling stuff, telling jokes, reporting on the few and not very exiting things that happened within our realm of vision. Oh, but we made them sound so very exciting. We eventually progressed to this very unorthodox setup that allowed both of us to broadcast music using this amp. Although it was really just my Zune turned up to 20 connected to Erin's large pair of headphones which we put up close to the microphone, I still felt like a DJ. Talked like one too. We don't know for sure if anybody was listening, or if anybody was enjoying it (besides the woodpecker), but that didn't make the Sutter & Erin show any less entertaining. This is one of those cases when the audience was not important. But feel free to call in and make a request next time!!! We hope you will enjoy the Sutter & Erin show!! PEACE!

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