March 24, 2009

This weekend was crazy awesome

I have been doing so much cool stuff over the past couple weeks that I haven't even had time to write about any of it. But I better get to it soon, lest my activities become to awesome for words.

So on Friday I totally went to see "Stars on Ice" in Cleveland. We had some awesome food and then walked over to the "Quicken Loans Arena". We all brought jackets, but it was really warm!!! We were so close to the ice you could.... you could see the skaters...very well. But the point is that they put on such an incredible show I couldn't even believe my eyes. There was just so much mad skill and unmatched strength out there on the ice it was almost causing my brain to explode (if brains could explode). What was even better was that my sister's skating coach is like super-incredible and knows everybody and got us into the after party where we met some of the stars (the ones that were on the ice). And took pictures with them. And got them to sign our programs. And made small talk. Good times.

The next weekend were our performances of "The King and I". Although my part was not extremely exciting (its just drums, after all), the show was a lot of fun, and both the pit and the actors/actresses did an excellent job. Of course I have pictures somewhere.

Hope you all are enjoying your weeks as much as I am!! Be sure to check out My band's YouTube Channel!!!

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