June 13, 2007

Hello again!!!!!!!!!
Let's fast forward a little...........
Yesterday I hit the 3rd street promanade in Santa Monica with my grandmother and sister to do some shopping & people-watching. Gotta love the people watching.
ANYWAY we walked down the promenade and looked in a lot of great shops, like....

all hats, all the time!
that is the place with all the great massage chairs. Pretty much the best part of that store was the massage chairs.
looking for an mp3 player for my grandmother, but did not find much of anything.
a store that is completely focused on selling paper!! we did not spend much time in here
my mother & sister picked up a couple of things, and i took the liberty of .getting a (red) t-shirt. i would advise that you look into it as well.
okay, i really do not like apple computer stuff, but going into the store was still pretty cool, as far as iMarketing goes.
SO ANYWAY i gotta go now and i will update you further a little later

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