June 18, 2007

I'm Back Y'all!!!!!!!!
But since I did not have the computer for a few days, I will fill you in on some of the stuff that has happened. (Not Necessarily in order)

--I went to Melrose with my uncle and looked at all the crazy shops & People. There are a lot of crazy people! Most of them also have crazy hair, which was pretty amazing. And there where these great punk music and clothing shops, and shops that sold vintage t-shirts for $35. And we had food at this great little Mexican restaurant called Antonio's.
--I went to this place called The Grove and saw Ocean's Thirteen in this Huge theater. But first we had lunch at this fancy restaurant. The bathrooms where marked Femme and Homme (women and men in french). Inside all the paper towels where stacked neatly in a little basket, and there was mouthwash and a basket full of mints as well. WoW!!!
--Ate dinner at grandmother's house and chilled with the relatives.
--Went to the Gershwin theater in Westwood and saw George Gershwin Alone, a one-man show about the great composer. He acted, sang, played serious piano, and the show went on FOREVER. But still, it was good fun and very interesting. After that, there was this funky little Italian restaurant that we ate at. We met my mother there and one of her friends from Meadville that just happened to be in LA at the time. Don't ask how that came about.
--Visited with an old family friend and walked around "town" with her, had a good time.
--there was something else that I did, but I'm not really sure what it is.

--Ratio of hats came with to hats left with
New hat acquired!!!
Sweatshirts acquired-1
souvenirs acquired-12 approx.
Places visited that do not exist in northwest PA- 15 Approx.
Home-cooked meals eaten-4
Plates of fried calamari eaten-3
Sushi Restaurants visited-2
Piers/boardwalks visited-3
trips to the 3rd st. Promenade-3
Calls made by Bluetooth from the car-4
Statistics that include the number three-3.....4,really......oh well


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