June 12, 2007

I am here in California!!!
Since one of my friends in Santa Barbra has a good camera, we made a little video describing the first part of my trip. Since that is not quite done yet, I don't want to spoil anything for you, and i will skip the first part in my blogging.
our first major destination was Santa Barbra. There we went kayaking in the ocean. The most fun part was when we tied up the kayaks on the pier and climbed up the ladder to the top and got ice cream. This was a major achievement considering all the obstacles we overcame. There where 4 kayaks tied up in all, 3 singles and a double. The most difficult part was getting all the kayaks in the right place, the crawling awkwardly across them in an attempt to reach the ladder without falling in. Fortunately, the kayak is a very stable medium of water transportation. If we where in a canoe, or something more like that, we would not have been so dry at the end. In the process we also created quite a show, many people stopped by to watch us dismount kayaks and climb up 30-some foot ladders. I guess there was really only one ladder. We then discovered that ice cream tastes better if you have to climb up a pier to get to it.
And then.............
But i will talk about that later.

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