February 14, 2009

New Microphones!!

Got new microphones at World of Music today!! Some seriously good timing: We go up to see my drum teacher's senior recital, and there happens to be a ridiculous sale at World of Music. And I had it all planned out anyways. It was a perfect opportunity to pick up a pair of Shure SM 57s that are so well known in the music industry as excellent instrument mics. Normally these would be close to 100 bucks each, but everything was 15% off! Now I was totally prepared to pay for these with my hard-saved cash, but my mom thought it made more sense to just pay for it with my college education fund.......
And I have no idea where the money came from to get my sister a new baritone saxophone, but that is exactly what they did, and now we have a gigantic case sitting in our living room. And my, does that thing sound cool! Not the case, the saxophone. I mean its pretty much almost as tall as her.
SO hopefully I will soon get myself together to use these great mics and lay down some sweet drum tracks for the awesome songs that my band plays. I'll let you know when it all gets a workin'!

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