February 8, 2009

Band of the week- Grammy edition

In honor of the 51st Grammy awards that are happening tonight, I have decided to do a special Band of the Week section with some of my favorite nominees. Here is the lowdown.

Coldplay- I do believe that this is the year's most nominated band, hoping to win in categories such as Album of the year, record of the year, best pop performance by a duo or group with vocals, and more. Most of these nominations are for Viva la Vida, as an album or a song. I believe that Viva la Vida is one of the slickest and most interesting albums in recent years, certainly coldplay's best yet. But they should absolutely NOT win song of the year, for a reason I will state soon.

Jason Mraz- He is the reason that Viva la Vida should be denied song of the year. Mraz has been a favorite of mine since his debut, waiting for my rocket to come, and his more recent we sing, we dance, we steal things is even better. Plus, everybody has got to love "I'm yours". Come on now!

Radiohead- With nominations including album of the year and best rock vocal performance, I'd say the band that epitomizes alternative rock in the 21st century should get a bit of recognition.

The Jonas Brothers- JONAS BROTHERS WTF?

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