September 7, 2008

Something to remember....dancing in September...Never was a cloudy day

Well, the air smells of fall today, officially marking the beginning of school, and ultimately the end of any reason or opportunity to go outside for the next 6 months. But it could be worse. I have to say that I am actually looking forward to some crunchy leaves, chilly (but not snowy) air, hot apple cider, Halloween parties and Friday night football. Especially Friday night football. The MASH Marching Band is coming off our first 2-0 start in 13 years, and we're going to be working in overdrive this coming week in anticipation of our "Fall Classic" band show on Saturday. Mrs. Manning & Company will be busting out the entire 5-song show with all the frills. If you are in town, I would highly recommend you dropping by. My other endeavor, the home recording studio, is coming along rather well. The band I have gotten together, with the assistance of Jay Byham, has great potential, especially for a band with no name. Once we have decided on a name, there will undoubtedly be some marketing going on. THAT I am looking forward to for sure.

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