September 14, 2008

band show

Hooray for the marching band! We rocked the house last night like crazy shiz!! Although the rain forced us to play inside, everybody had gotten there hours early, so we made it work. The drumline was grooving and as loud as it could be in the gym, and there was not a soul in the place who didn't hear us coming. We did some "dirty deeds", and blew the audience away with our exellent musical skill. The drumline feauture "stinkin' garbage" was very successful, and I could not have had it any other way considering how much time we spent on it. Also, props to the trumpet players who ran up in to the audience with their mad solos on "dirty laundry". And there was a crazy fun after-party that could have gone on all night. Thank you to all that came, and long live the band!

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