June 16, 2008

Inside jokes of the year: Pre-Release

Warning: here is the first draft of the best inside jokes of this year. It has not even yet been seen by outsider's eyes, and therefore has not gone through the necessary peer-review process to be in official publication. BUT I have the first draft right here for you, and hope to have it soon seen by the other members of the inside joke board. This information is sensitive, so try to keep it on the Just-tell-everyone-you-know.

1)“Chillax, Man...If you wanted some, all you had to do was ask!”
2)Double K-dar, + 2 reasons Nikki wants your pants
3)The Rave Button + The Rave Song + The Rave Virus + Rave in general
4)Life-size stuffed giraffe, the guy in the window, and anything else that happened in New York City between April 11th and April 14th.
5)Bass-Off!!! ( See also: Freebird-off)
6)It sounds dirty, but is not really: “I’d tap that”
7)“Get In the Closet”/ “Coming out of the closet”
8)Love Fest
10)Porn Zune?
11)Pirate Handshake
12)Anybody’s nickname
13)Time for a mad Ukulele solo! (on my electric ukulele)
15)Ultimate Sport Disk!

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