March 10, 2008

Mo Knows all the answers, So Listen up!!

So I have this friend named Mo (which is short for Mahatma, which is short for Megan). And she totally knows everything, and even if she does not, she will pretend to. We decided to start an "Ask Mo" blog in which you may ask Mo for advice, and read about all her adventures in a world of lesser people, specifically High School. Although there is not much going on in the AskMo World right now (It is fairly late, after all), be sure to check up soon and bask in the brilliance of the Mo. For future reference, its
Confused?? I am very much looking forward to co-authoring a blog! (so far its based on my blogger account since mo does not have one, which is why you see "answered by sutter" below the post title. But that may change soon. Stay Tuned!)

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