March 30, 2008

Drum Notes....3/30

This morning I was trying some new drum sounds.I've read that keeping the bottom heads looser than the top heads on the toms will make the sound more clear and sharp. I took this to the next level, just for fun, loosening the bottom heads on all four toms until they where nearly falling off. What I got was a really cool ringing timpani-y sound that worked great with fast patterns. Using mallets dulled the sound further, but kept the acoustic ring of the bottom head. This was especially cool on the Floor Tom, and I hope to work it into some sort of composition.

Tested out the new kick drum in Jazz band today... very cool and useful. Might need another pedal in honor of it, though, I had to adjust the currently used one for best sound. I could use a chain-drive anyway, they are much easier. Forgot the tom, but am going to need to figure out the setup at some point. When I put the single tom rack on the new kick, it did not cooperate well. Maybe it will be fine, I'm not sure.

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