February 4, 2008

The GIANT upset: New York knows how to win a Super Bowl.

As you might know, the underdog New York Giants beat the undefeated, heavily favored, and widely disliked New England Patriots last Sunday, outscoring them 17-14 in what was probably one of the most amazing Super Bowls ever played. Thus, the otherwise unbeated Pats where forced to settle for inperfection. But what also happened is that Giants QB Eli Manning made it Very, Very clear that he knows exactly how to win a Super Bowl. In fact, the entire giants team looked like 'Bowl veterans against the highest-scoring offense and toughest defense in the National Football Leage. So how did they do it? Take a look at my comprehensive, full-color, 10 step guide on exactly how to win a Superbowl.

Step 1: Get Pumped

Step 2: Avoid the defense at all costs

Step 3: Run!!

Step 4: Smack Recievers in face.

Step 5: Grab!!

Step 6: Give Tom Brady a Big HugEverybody loves Tom. Okay, Not really.

Step 7: DON'T get burnedHey # 23! Never do this again. Ever.

Step 8: Use your head (to catch the ball).

This guy is really, really smart. No wonder he caught one of the biggest passes in the game.

Step 9: Touchdown!!!

And Finally, Step 10: Celebrate!

Long live the giants!!!

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