February 9, 2008

For those who like music.....Zune social Rules!!

I would just like to say that this is not any form of advertising or anything like that. I would just like to write an article explaining the great things I just discovered about the Zune Social network system.

In anticipation of receiving a new 8 GB Zune that I ordered not long ago from the Zune originals website (has not come yet!....grrr), I decided to download the Zune software from the M'Soft site in order to get my wonder device up and running ASAP. So during this process I was invited to join Zune Social, the social network based on the device, which I had heard a little something about, but did not totally understand until recently. When I first signed up I was unsure what to do. I went through some sort of signup process, and then had my dad create an account to grant me parental permission (I am a minor, after all). Then that led to implementing some parental restrictions, which I fortunately have access to (you heard nothing). So once I had adjusted the parental controls to fit my needs (what adult knows my needs, anyway?) I began listening. When using the Zune software ( it works like Windows Media Player or iTunes, but much better than iTunes), all the songs you hear are kept track of and posted as such on your Zune Card, in the form of a sort of album art montage/Queue. The Zune card is sort of a user profile on which your "Zune Name" is posted. Mine is RhythmRocker.

Anyway, I started crankin' some Ozomatli on the Zune, (lets call it the Zplayer, so not to be confused with the actual portable device) er....Zplayer, and I check my profile and Poof! My most recent band shows up on the card. Amazing!

Now don’t go getting this "big brother is watching" feeling. You don’t have to have all your songs displayed, or you can choose to only let you friends see them. But the beautiful thing, I realize, is that music is a wonderful medium from which to base socializing. Think about it. What you listen to tells everything about you, but at the same time nothing personal. It is completely down-to-earth and real; no thinking about what people will like to see while you are writing a profile. Just listen to music however you like, and the site does the work, connecting you with people of similar interests, and finding you more that you might like based on their suggestions. And you don't even need to have a Zune!!

So for a person that resents social networking, Zune Social truly rocks my socks. I would advise you all to get a Zune Card and start listening and discovering now. If you wand to know what I have been listening to, feel free to visit my profile, my username is RhythmRocker. I would be happy to add people to my friends list. Need some friends!

The software download is a little funky at first, but if you are patient, it will soon get going pretty quickly and won’t require much fuss to do its thing. Once it is running, it will import music from other places on your computer, such as Windows media player (and iTunes maybe??). The system is great; I hope to see some of you on it soon (here is the website again). Happy listening!

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