December 11, 2007

Band Of The Week

Band of the week-

I have seen ozomatli preform live in a club, on TV, on the radio, and on their albums and there is no doubt in my mind that this Latin hip-hop rock group has some of the best performances I have ever seen. They are a 9-piece band with a horn section, several percussionists and a couple of rappers in addition to the usual guitar-bass-drums rock group. And, they have played in about every musical genre you can possible imagine. From there most recent pop single, Cant Stop is one of their most fun. But that is only where the fun starts. I would highly recommend Ozo's newest album Don't mess with the dragon for fans of any Latin, hip-hop, R&B, rock, or jazz. This ethnically diverse group of musicians can produce so many varieties of excitement on a single disc, you might never be able to get enough. The hip-hop/pop tune about Los Angeles, City of Angels contains exciting brass and a little beatnik percussion and rapping to round off the full LA experience. Oh, and did I mention these guys where from Los Angeles? I probably did not need to, because you can here it in just about every song. La Gallina, Their Latin jazz tune written entirely about a chicken (in Spanish), is a fave on the Latino/Mexican pop charts. Also, the title track of an earlier Ozomatli album, Street Signs, is truly a musical trip that is not to be missed. Watch some of these videos, you might never think of hip-hop, Latin, rock, R&B, or jazz in quite the same way again.

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Fokey Hotay said...

You hit that right on the head. Ozo is the best party band out there...

Not only do they ALWAYS rock La Casa, but they are the nicest, easiest guys to talk to. Down to earth, and extremely talented.

If you've never seen them live, you haven't partied!

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