December 4, 2007

Band of the Week: The White Stripes

The NEBTD band of the week!!!!!!
only a little late......

These days, rock bands are often overrun by large groups of musicians all wanting 15+ minutes of fame. Yet at the same time, music and the music industry is being consumed by a very large amount of over-hyped crap. Yea, I said crap. And although those first two statements where not necessarily related in any conceivable way, that does not make the White Stripes any less of an awesome band. Armed with an intense guitar player/singer who does not play any guitar that he would consider well built and a drummer who pounds out beats that would be by most any standard, you might think The Stripes would underwhelm as performers. They do not. Instead, they put on an unforgettable act that will undoubtedly leave you wondering where all that sound came from. Jack White stays interesting with his diverse musical diet, from 4-chord rhythm guitar to complicated riffs. While I suggest you check out a few of their albums (Elephant and White Blood Cells being two of my favs), I also suggest you immediately watch a couple videos from the NEBTD video bar. What??? No bass player???? Rock on, Stripes. Rock on.

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