April 5, 2007

Whew!!!! I finally have some time to talk about yesterday (Wed. the 5th)

The Biggest part of Wednesday was probably what I ate. So I will put those parts in bold ;)
I got up on the morning and had a bagel, a bowl of cereal and six pancakes. This set me up for a full day of calorie consumption. When I was picked up by my grandfather the first thing we did was go to the automobile museum. There where a lot of cool old cars, an original model T, a few of those long Cadillacs, and an old Buick California cop car. There where many others, too. But my all-time favorite was certainly the Buggati Veyron. Being a Motor Trend enthusiast, I know a few things about this great vehicle. It cost about 1.5 Million Dollars (the sound system is 30 grand), its the fastest production car on the market, It has a horsepower gauge (this thing gets to 1,001 HP) and a wing in the back that telescopes out when it gets going real fast. Another interesting fact is that the Veyron has two keys. One you put in to start the car, and the second to allow it to get up to its top speed of 253 miles per hour. WOW. Anyway, I shall continue. After that we went to Beverly Hills. We looked around there for a little while, then decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. I ordered BBQ ribs, which where incredibly huge. I then proceeded to consume the entire thing, along with many fries and a few lucky onion rings. Unfortunately, I was then to full to actually get any cheesecake. Oh well. Then we looked at some TVs with fluffy coverings, decorative coverings, and PC screens that where meant to appeal to fans of specific NBA basketball teams. Then we watched some Monty Python* at the Museum of Radio and television. We then went back to my Grandparents' house, where I rested for a little while before going to a grocery store nearby in Westwood. I then ate an Ice cream sandwich at a place called Diddy Riese. It was very good. I then barely made it home through my fatigue and proceeded to take a long nap. It was not like I had much else better to do. Then we all went out to dinner. The place was called Frankie & Johnny's, and there was quite a bit of pizza involved, including plain cheese, Margarita, BBQ chicken, Hawaiian, and of course, Pasta Pizza. There where seriously pasta pieces on the pizza. Then we had a jolly little ride over to the College apartment of one of my cousins who majors in fashion there. There, we observed some of the projects she was doing, along with many other fashionable things that may have been going on. I shan't go into detail, I am running out of time. Finally we sat at the table there and had various types of brownies, ice cream, and the remaining pizza while talking about the fashion business**. So that was my day, food and all. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, but did not get a stomach ache from it as I did. Thank You.

* for those who care, it was the Flying Circus episodes How to recognize different types of trees from quite a long way away and how to not be seen, Respectively. Video examples coming soon.

**That was not REALLY what we talked about, I just thought it would sound good.

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