April 5, 2007

Unfortunately, I have been a little behind on bringing you the latest news from California. Let Me give you a recap.


Tuesday: First went to the Jewelry district to do some business. Had sushi for lunch. Then went to the USC Campus. COOL!!! Walked around there for a while, bookstore merchandising, the English Dept, Art gallery, Film making building, Heritage hall (Saw 7 Hiesmans), making sure our car had not been towed, Coffee(Starbucks). Then the best part........
That is right! we wondered right in to the football practice of one of the best college teams in the country. I saw Pete Carrol. He was running around and being cool. I saw their starting QB JohnDavid Booty. And one of their receivers Steve Smith. I also saw the rest of the team. But the names are kind of hard to remember. Anyway, it was pretty much incredible. Then I went to the LA county art museum and saw some cool art (Including Jackson Pollock), and that museum was near the La Brae Tar Pit museum. That museum was closed, but I still saw a lot of tar. I will get you some pics of that as soon as I get back.
AND THAT WAS JUST TUESDAY!!! Be back with Wednesday ASAP.

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