September 1, 2009

Last day of summer....

In honor of Summer's last day I feel compelled to say something here. Hopefully you all have some sort of an idea about how much fun I've had since the end of 10th grade, both while exploring opportunities in other parts of the country and discovering more about myself and the place where I live. It is just a bit scary to think about how important it is to not screw up this year so that I may have a chance of going to a big college in the west with a hella tight division 1 marching band. At least getting a chance to go somewhere that really interests me and has well rounded programs and students. The really scary thing is how easy it is to get off track. I learned this last year, which truly was not that difficult, but I was unmotivated and I'll admit that I pretty much blew it. I suppose that means I can only improve from here. There is really no other choice in the matter.

And by the way, this year's marching band season is gonna rock!! Stay tuned!

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