August 15, 2009

Second week of band camp

I think most of my bandies would agree that the second week of band camp was even more exciting than the first. We got to take the gong and the large concert bass drum onto the field so that we may hit them as hard as we possibly can and create some epic amazingness for the beginning of our show. Then we got to working on the rest of the show. It was impressive how much we got done, at least some days. Other days were not so productive, spending most of the morning on a few sets of our opening song, nobody really focusing or thinking clearly. But for the most part the whole band did very well. By the end of the week our director was very excited about how well the show was going and I think most of us agreed with her. I personally feel that once we get the drumline tightened up and more in sync with the rest of the band, it will be a huge step towards making our show great. Then of course there was the annual band pool party, which was more fun this year than any other year I can remember! Not only was there some great chicken-fight action, plus we threw lots of people into the pool, one of them got nearly three quarters of the way across!! Another one of them happened to be the band director. Everybody was totally worn out the next day, but a fantastic season kick-off party has got to indicate a fantastic season to come.

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