July 10, 2009

Down by the Bay Pt.1

Hopefully you have heard by now about the epic-ness of my days at Musician's Institute. I filled everybody in on the other various events during the first week of my stay. Well that wasn't it my friends. I had the good fortune to get an opportunity to fly from LA to Sacramento with my dad to go visit his sister in Davis. This was exciting because I hadn't seen my aunt in a while and hadn't been to the Bay Area since I was four. The first day we walked around the campus of UC Davis where my aunt works. And what a walk it was! Davis is a massive place, and we must have spent hours exploring the various lecture halls, classrooms, dorms, gyms, trails, pools, sidewalks, cafeterias, shops, grassy knolls, trees, students, passing cars, clubhouses, Starbucks, empty fields, libraries, bicycles, street signs, and bridges that cover the vast college area. The Starbucks helped a lot. That is basically the gist of Davis. It's getting late so I'll move on. The next day was Sacramento, just a short jaunt down the highway and we were in the capital of California!! (Everything seems much closer once dad and I jacked my aunt's car) Our first order of business was to walk around the old town for a bit and check out the old west style architecture that has maintained (sort of) since back in the day. The railroad museum was also an interesting experience. Getting to see how it is possible to have so many gigantic machines in a building was entertaining enough, but the stories that accompanied each vehicle were also enlightening. For some reason I could especially appreciate how the main room was set up in a certain way so that each train car could be rolled out through these big doors and spun around on a giant disk, then there is a whole system of tracks outside......Although I cant image that anybody tries to move those trains around particularly often. Since looking at trains takes so terribly much energy, we hadn't a choice but to eat a large lunch. It was of such an impressive size that I really could have just taken a nap for just a bit afterwards. But we decided to go on a bike ride instead. It was a place just around the corner, and the bikes were the nicest rentals either of us had ever seen. The bike path was converted from old train tracks, it crossed a couple grand old bridges and ran along the river for quite a distance. It was a beautiful day and a great deal of fun to take in some new scenery and get some exercise. I hadn't been on a bike in a while, an riding along the river in Sacramento was an outstanding way of getting back into it for sure. The Jamba Juice we had after was a nice addition as well. Our final stop had to be, of course, at Sutter's Fort, a very well-named structure in the middle of town. We took some great novelty pictures of me in front of the wall, contemplating the sign, and knocking on the large wooden doors of my historic building. All in all there was much fun to be had, though we unfortunately soon found ourselves boarding a train to Berkeley, saying goodbye to my aunt and the city of Davis, wishing them both well. Not that there is anything wrong with being on a train bound for Berkeley, I might add.

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Margaret Hellwarth said...

It was really great to see you both. I had fun too! (at least the part where we were hanging out; not the part where I was working...) I especially enjoyed doing my impression of a Russian in a grocery store for you. You can come back any time, with or without your dad! I really liked hearing you play my guitar and I wish we'd had more time for that. Take care, til the next time! Auntie M.