May 31, 2009

Tally Hall

Have you ever heard of the band Tally Hall Well I hadn't either until one day when a friend from Rochester sent me a message about going to see a band he really likes in Pittsburgh. Of course, I was immediately interested and soon found myself on Google and YouTube checking out these mysterious "Tally Hall" people. And I was in for quite a treat. This group knows no genre boundaries, with hip-hop jams and country tunes, both equally effective. So, in short, I was like, "yea, this show is gonna be sweet!" It was a Wednesday afternoon when myself and two friends from Rochester crammed into the back of their Prius and took off to Pittsburgh. Considering that the back seat of a Prius isn't entirely fit for three teenage boys, it was somewhat of a long ride, but still fun. When we got there, it was absolutely necessary to wander through a labyrinth of hallways to find the theater entrance, with was undoubtedly one of the more obscure places I've ever been too. We sat through not one, but two opening acts before Tally Hall took the stage. Mercifully, the third didn't show up. Tally Hall's show was just as eclectic and unusual as I figured it would be, but what I didn't expect was how darned funny it was. From randomly interacting with audience members to the "technical difficulties breakdown", the show was as amusing as it was entertaining. The five members of "The Hall" wore their classic uniform, white button down shirt with black vest and dress pants. Each one of them has their own color tie. I beleive this references their hilarious and unusual web show, "Tally Hall's Internet Show", which can involve anything from clay-mation music videos to dancing with a man dressed as a gorilla on a street corner. After the show, I purchased their album, "Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum", and noticed the excellent cover art and how each member had their own page in the liner notes. When the band came out to greet their fans, I asked each of them to sign by their names. They were all quite nice and just as funny as onstage. The ride back was cramped and I was super tired the next day, but it was totally worth it. Tally Hall is now one of my new favorite bands. You should check them out!!

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