January 11, 2009

SNOWTF!? Pt.4 - Sledding edition!

So normally I'm not a major fan of snow. Its wet and cold and can be quite annoying when it inevitably finds its way into your boots, up your sleeves and down your neck. But more recently I have had a new found appreciation for snow. Being now in possession of a fancy camera, I am able to photograph the snow and admire its beauty. And since I am not being forced to interact with it, I can choose if and when I ever even want to be in the snow. And last night I chose to go sledding.

Let me tell you how perfect it was for night sledding in Meadville yesterday. It stayed light after 10:30. We're not sure why but it probably had something to do with the moon. I came out to Robertson field (the hill at Allegheny's athletic complex) and met a bunch of friends, some of which were in college. But the point was that the normally annoying snow brought us epic sledding awesomeness. There where some crazed college kids there who made a human ramp out of two guys holding sleds next to each other. That caused serious fail at the beginning , but by the end they were getting impressive air as well. Our personal sledding successes involved making a chain, going face first, forgetting the sled (Caitlin!!) and SURFING!! Towards the end I started heading down the slopes snowboard style standing on the sled. I lost balance and would put my hand down, then end up falling onto the sled and ending up hitting the bottom in a tangle of my own limbs. Each time going down would get me a little bit further. By the last run, I stood up all the way to the bottom of the hill, then promptly flew off and landed on my face. That. Was. EPIC!!!

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